GeekVape Medusa Reborn RDTA Review and comparison to the original Medusa

First off I won this in a contest held on this forum, thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for the prize.

What comes in the box:

It comes with most of the stuff you generally get, extra orings, screws, multi driver tool and a '510 drip tip adapter. I thought it was cool that it actually included a squonk pin as well.

Fit and finish

The tank is very well designed and the fit and finish is gorgeous, there was just one problem which I will get to later on which is a con.

I am a big fan of domed top caps, helps for better flavor and the Medusa Reborn has just that. I was also impressed with the catch cup as I have not had even the slightest bit of a leak. The build deck is great as well, love that they all screw down from the top so your wide parallel claptons or aliens don’t get that velocity twist from side screws.

When I first saw that the screws are slot screws I was initially disappointed until I began to unscrew them. This has to be the deepest slot screws I have seen, you would really have to be trying to mess these up. Geekvape uses some of the best screws in the business and these are no exception, first slot screws I have actually liked!

The Build

I went with SS316L Triple Core Fused Claptons since with this build deck was calling for a nice and wide build.

With the wicking I thinned out the tails and cut them at a V on both sides. The reason being I wanted it to be thicker at the point were the catch cup meets up with the deck but not so thick down below that is took space away from storing more juice.

The wicking method worked really well as I was able to squeeze nearly 4ml into the juice well. The wicks were also long enough to just reach the bottom of the well so I never had to do the genny tilt like you do with so many RDTA’s.

How is it to use on a daily basis and how is the flavor and vapor?

I have been using the Medusa Reborn for 4 days and have filled it up 2 or 3 times a day. Flavor is on point, it is basically an RDA with a juice reservoir and as we all know you can really build for flavor in an RDA and this delivers. Cloud production delivers but I feel this is more of a flavor tank, it would need a little more airflow to really chuck clouds competition wise but I can cloud up a room easily.

I probably own 60 or 70 RTA, RDA and Sub Ohm tanks and can’t say the flavor is lacking compared to any of them. I was actually thinking of writing this review after the first day, I was that impressed with it’s performance. I figured I would go a couple more days though to see if any problems occured.

Glad I did wait as the first day it was really hard to remove the top cap and this is the only way to fill the reservoir. I figured with a little time it would loosen up but it didn’t on the second day. That is when I decided to remove 1 of the the bottom oring to see if that would help but nope. I then removed both of the bottom oring and that is when I discovered the catch cup was too tight on the build deck, even with the 2 oring removed it was really hard to remove. I had thought about removing the deck and sanding around it but then that would remove the gold plating. I decided to use a dremel with a sandpaper attachment to clean off the inside of the catch cup and with the snagging I got initially I figured that was some burs in there which were catching on the deck. Once that was done it has been a breeze to remove the top cap.

I do want to point out that the box I received said “Free Sample” on it and from watching enough reviews it seems these are what are sent out to reviewers prior to the final production to weed out problems. It could have been just mine with that problem though but it should be noted as it was very difficult to remove.

Comparison to the Original Medusa

I have had the OG Medusa since it came out and have really enjoyed it, my only con was the top cap which I always used a 510 drip tip on so my mouth wasn’t on top of the tank basically.

I put the same build and juice into both tanks to give an honest comparison. Flavor wise I would give a slight edge to the Reborn and the only reason I can think that would be the case is the wider bore with the 810 drip tip opening compared to the originals 510 when using a drip tip. It is not a huge difference, they both have excellent flavor but I enjoyed the Reborn more.

Cloud production is about the same, they both have the same airflow so that should be expected.

Ease of filling I would still give the edge to the original and I wish they brought the locking system over to the Reborn. Even after fixing the catch cup problem on the Reborn the original has always been one of the easiest tanks to refill as getting the top cap off is a breeze. On the original you don’t have to look for the lock/unlock symbols to line up as well, I just turn mine with some upward pressure until it comes off and do the same to put it back on.

Pretty much everything else I like better with the Reborn though, they did a great job on this one. Here is were it gets better:

  • Build deck: The Reborn deck makes wide builds so much easier to install and no twisting as they all screw down vertically.

  • Capacity: I was able to get 1ml more into the Reborn over the Original Medusa, verified with a syringe.

  • Looks: I guess this would be subjective but I like the cleaner look of the Reborn and the engraving seems a touch nicer.

  • Top Cap: That was my biggest con with the Original, the Reborn is much nicer and slightly domed

  • 810 drip tip compatible: With the original you could use the top cap but for me it was always better and more comfortable with a drip tip attached to it. Problem was it had to be a 510 drip tip so it closed off your airflow even more. With the Reborn I can use any of my Goon/Kennedy or TFV8/12 810 drip tip on it and that is a HUGE plus for me. A wider bore is less restrictive on airflow and has contributed to a little better flavor. Besides all the cool drip tips are coming out in the new 810 format so you have a great selection.


What I really like about the Medusa Reborn is I can get the RDA experience without having to stop and drip all time. On the second day I was even confident enough with how long the juice would last and not leak that I took it in the car with me, I never take RDA’s on the road…Don’t drip and drive people…haha.

I have to admit I was planning on buying one anyway, lucky for me I won one from @Heaven_Gifts. The main reason I wanted one was how happy I was with the Original Medusa and Geek Vape delivered with a definite improvement. The tight catch cup was my only real con and I am pretty sure either mine was one that got some extra burs which is the exception, not the norm.

I really want to thank @Heaven_Gifts for all there generosity with the contests and for the Medusa Reborn which I will enjoy for a long time. I might wind up buying the Blue Medusa Reborn from them on my next order, that one looks real nice.

Here is were you can get it, it is not an affiliate link so I am not making anything off of it and I am not obligated to do this review or provide a link. I am just been impressed with Heaven Gifts every time I have had the pleasure of dealing with them:

Here is some pics to make you drool, sweet looking tank!


Excellent review very informative thanks.


Thanks @woftam


You went the extra mile showing how it looked on various mods …cool. Kudos on the photography …super clean :+1:


Hah! …and I just realized it goes without saying, but I didn’t say …very thorough review!


Thanks Bo

I really think it is a sharp looking tank and love the fact that it takes 810 drip tips so you can get all matching and what not.

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I don’t know how you can push out soo many quality reviews so fast !!!


Agreed but this one is a year old :rofl:


Thanks brother but yeah, this was one of my first reviews…ahhhh, makes me want to break out the Medusa again, I even got a blue one.


Great Review, 1st rtda Zues I have seen, would love to put this in my collection, as I have no RTDA’s.


Thank you.

You should be able to find a great deal as it has been out awhile.

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