Geekvape Zeus RTA review by Mjag..Is it good or just hype?

Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Geekvape Zeus RTA sent to me from for the purpose of this review.

If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.

What you get

I did get a Sample version but generally Geekvape is good at keeping the contents the same as the final release versions and they included a lot of extra’s.

  • Spare glass
  • Boatload of o’rings
  • (4) spare screws
  • 3 in 1 tool
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • 510 drip tip
  • 810 drip tip
  • (2) Alpha Braid coils
  • Zeus RTA with wide drip tip attached

First Impressions

When I received the Zeus I had only seen the artist renderings on the net, there were not any actual pictures but when I opened the box I was happy to see it was as good looking as I hoped.

Love how many drip tips they give you and the option to use your own 810 or 510 drip tips.

810 wide, covers the top, my personal favorite

810 regular, leaves the top exposed

510 drip tip with 510 adapter installed

My own 510 drip tip installed

My own 810 friction fit goon style drip tip installed

I had no problems getting any of my drip tips installed and they all fit nice and snug while still being easy to remove. The exception is some TFV8 810 drip tips with the double o’rings, they fit but some were a little tricky to keep down flush as the o’ring on o’ring action would make a few a little wobbly. That is common with a lot of goon style 810 openings though with the inner o’ring.

While being a top airflow the air is redirected to hit the coil from the sides and bottom, pretty smart setup.

Here is a look at one of the side posts and you can see the side air holes as well as the bottom opening which goes to the bottom airflow.

Here is the inside, the posts line up with the air holes on top which is how it is redirected. There is also a cut out there for the coil so it doesn’t short out. When installing the deck just twist until the posts line up with the top airflow slots, this keeps everything lines up perfectly.

Here is a nice representation of how the airflow works as illustrated by Geekvape.

The top cap has a nice notch and twist design, really easy to put on and remove, a lot easier than a screw on top.

After checking out the entire design along with the fit and finish I found myself impressed thus far.

How is it to build and performance?

Being a postless deck you will have to clip your leads prior to installation. I have found that if you have a coiler like the coilmaster if you clip the leads at the edge of the barrel it leaves you 5mm leads which usually works just fine.

Turns out that was a little on the short side unless you want it a few mm above the bottom air hole which I didn’t. Since I was using the included Alpha Braid coil for my first build I felt the 3mm inner diameter was a bit big for the area. I installed the coils then used a 2.5mm post to lift the coil thus reducing the inner diameter. I was aiming to have the coil in the middle of the side airholes but wound up being just a bit higher. I was worried about the coil being too high but checked and did not get a short due to the added space given by the notch cut into the top of the barrel. This is as high as you can get the coils though, any higher and it will short on the top of the chimney.

Now I had to worry about my wicks being too long but tried it anyway to great success. For this I wanted to have the wicks dip into the slot but wanted to make sure it did not choke the juice flow. I cut my ends at an angle so they would dip down and the very top would be thick enough to stop the chamber from flooding.

The pic makes it look like it’s packed in there but the bottom is loose and just enough near the top to stop any flooding.

I have to say this first build really worked out well. I did not have high hopes as I was given some Geekvape Alpha Braid coils a few months ago and was not impressed but they sure seem to work well in the Zeus. The flavor was outstanding and and decent clouds for a single coil tank and this was at only between 40 and 50 watts.

Now I have tried 5 different builds and what I have found is you don’t want to use a massive coil, it can choke the airflow. 2.5mm inner diameter is about the biggest I prefer and a small inner gauge fused clapton is about right.

I did have success with some quad core fused claptons using a 30g core and 40g outer wrap 2.5mm ID. Here you can see I had the top of the coil just to the line, this places the coil almost in the middle of the side air flow.

Overall I prefered the Alpha Braid build over any other though aside from a small fused clapton build. If you build for the chamber in hopes of vaping at 40 to 60 watts tops you should have great results.

A note on the grub screws. They are slotted which I am usually not a fan off but in Geekvape fashion they are really good. No problems in the 5 builds I tried and they even include 4 extra’s just in case.


  • Top airflow redirected to the side and bottom
  • No leaks design
  • Easy twist off top cap
  • 3 drip tips included and fits 810 and 510 with adapter
  • Great flavor
  • Decent cloud production for a single coil
  • Smooth airflow
  • Great grub screws
  • Subjective but I think it is a sharp looking tank, may purchase the blue when available


  • Only holds 4ml, verified with syringe
  • Not great with big builds or suitable for high powered vaping
  • Wicking can be tricky
  • Coil placement essential for great performance
  • They didn’t send me the blue, now I will have to buy it…oh woe is me…haha


I generally don’t get excited for single coil tanks, just not my thing, gimme dual coils for a good time. I actually only have 1 single coil tank I still use prior to the Geekvape Zeus, the Augvape Merlin mini, all others have been retired or PIF’ed away. The Geekvape Zeus, when built correctly, is a great flavorful vape and I will continue to use it after my review is completed and will probably purchase the Blue as it looks so good.

I will add that with the wrong build it is so so to not good, it is not versatile enough for all builds so keep that in mind. I don’t feel it is a great tank for a beginner, it takes a little practice to get the best performance but once you do you will be rewarded.

I want to thank for sending me the Geekvape Zeus for review. They have it for $24.99 (must be logged in to see that price) which I think is very fair and may very well order the blue myself. You can purchase it here:

As always if you want to see how the Geekvape Zeus RTA stacks up against other RTA’s jump on over to where you can also meet our ever growing crew of excellent reviewers.

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Here is some pics of the Zeus on various mods I used during this review:

Geekvape Aegis

Tesla Nano 120

SXMini G Class

Smoant Battlestar

You can find a few more pics here:


Dammit @mjag you gotta stop with these kick ass reviews brother, you’re killing my wallet (I might have to drop your name to my wife, but not sure yet…).

I’m minding my own business, unwinding from a hard day keeping the tax man at bay, and I stumble across your review. Now maybe it’s just me, but maybe not. I go to the FIRST damn picture and I’m like, “Wow, somebody blowed up his little pipe thingy, and I can see all the parts”. Very nicely done, just right there, up front, no waiting (I hate waiting). I might have to buy this thing JUST for the damn cool screwdriver (I need one). Then without making me drive aspirin into my word hole desperately searching, reading, and scrolling, I see some MORE pics showing TIPS !!! Dammit, another great idea. As I was more and more drawn into the review (still not having to read, read, read, scroll scroll, scroll yet), I was hooked. Some info scattered about, and then I stumble across ANOTHER pic (and tip) show exactly where you had good luck trimming the coils !!! ??? WHAT !!! Are you trying to make it EASIER for me to use this thing too !!! ??? More details, then wicking pics and tips and I already had my credit card out. Some more info and closing details, followed up by your trademark tank/mod shots.

I’d like to hear from some of the other ELR’rs here, but this was about as perfect of a review as you could do. Maybe this sounds simply simple, but the way you laid it out, paced it, and put the pics in, was simply perfect. Sure sure the content was great too (hehe), but dammit, there are a LOT of reviews out there, and some are just too damned thick to get through.

Nicely done, I couldn’t think of ONE thing, that would improve it.

Just replace “Jim” with “mjag”…


Thank you brother mjag for snagging that one!!! You have spoken all of the magic words I was hoping to hear. Once it hits the shelves it will be come to ogre time!!! I just opened up a Geek Vape Black Ring Plus that this will top off beautifully!! Well done. Good show!!!


Please apologize to your wife on my behalf :laughing:

I was seriously lol to your reply, made my day, thank you SD

Look what showed up in the mail today too, damn eightvape had the trigger on sale for $30 and now I really need the blue Zeus, I am my own worse enemy…sigh


Thank you my friend, much appreciated :+1:


Thanks for yet another great review!

You were reading my mind, I have been looking at the Zeus and drooling. You really think that 2.5mm coils are the ideal? I was hoping since it was a single coil tank I could use something larger.

Also review the Trigger if you get a chance. I got one last night, and although it seems to lack some features it so far seems to do a little better on battery life and is consistent on power delivery. I have reservations about the power button being on the door but only time will tell if that’s an issue. I like the shape and feel in my hand and seems solid and certainly a great value if it holds up.


Man that is one cool looking rig. This is my first read of one of your reviews. Best part for me was seeng it on different mods. Nice…
Plus u answered my biggest questions.
Properly done.


Ahhhhhh, the life of a professional reviewer/ pillar of the vaping community !!!



I just found that larger coils messed with the air flow too much for my liking, it was still good but flavor suffered a little. It is all preference though and you may love bigger coils. I also used the same juice for all the builds so I could tell the difference, one of my DIY concoctions which has a little pie crust which gets lost if the flavor it a little muted. With larger builds the pie crust would not be as prominent.

There is also the issue of too much wick with a big coil, you would have to thin it out to avoid wicking problems. It can be done but is trickier.

I might put the Trigger into my review que, only had it for a couple hours but like you enjoy the shape and feel in the hand. Have only been using power on it so far, will get into TC and see how that works out. It might be awhile though, have to catch up on a lot of reviews.


Thank you Dave.

I always enjoyed seeing different combinations of mods on tanks and vice versa, I add that to all of my reviews to try and help as many as possible to make an informed decision. If there is a mod you want to see the Zeus on please let me know, I don’t have all the mods but I have my fair share.


@mjag My daily drivers all have 3mm coils. You stated the 2.5mm was far superior ?


I wouldn’t say far superior, just a little trickier to get good results. I found that coil placement is the key with the Zeus and a 2.5mm gave you a little more flexibility. You should be fine with 3mm ID coils just as long as there not huge Aliens or the like.


Great review, and STELLAR camera work bud!


Thanks Sprks, I appreciate it bud


Nice review. I have been looking at this one. I am a single coil slut.


Even though the tank itself is of no interest to me since i only use rda’s i can still appreciate a good review and that my friend is what you have posted here :+1:


Love the look of this tank, really solid review, cheers! :+1:


LOL As good as the 1st.


Thanks everyone and sorry @Letitia, I am now praying yours shows up asap…:wink:


If I find another one…over the knee you go!