Gemz Prime Mover RTA review by Mjag

Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Gemz Prime Mover RTA that was sent to me by my friends at


  • 3ml capacity (both in tall and short mode)
  • 24mm diameter 42mm high in short mode, 53mm in tall mode
  • 304 SS
  • Colors: Black/Gold/Silver/Rainbow

Comes with:

  • Prime Mover RTA
  • Extra Drip Tip
  • Extra Glass Tube
  • 2 coils
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Spare o’rings
  • Allen wrench
  • Micro fiber cloth

So what’s with this tank?

Right off the bat I was not crazy about the steampunk style engraving on the top of the tank. Looking at pics on the net it looks like the Black I got was the least flattering, the Gold, Rainbow and Silver look better to me but that is all subjective.

Check out how sexy the other colors look:

You get 2 drip tips which are proprietary and screw in. The longer of the 2 makes the tank taller and also allows you to fill up the tank without unscrewing the drip tip. You just press down on the spring loaded top and twist to lock down. Fill up then twist again so the top springs back up to the drip tip. The odd thing is it makes it taller but doesn’t increase the 3ml capacity. I tried the taller drip tip but mainly just used the smaller one and kept the tank more compact.

Tall and short screw in proprietary drip tips

Tall mode

Short mode

The drip tips are proprietary but you can stack 810 drip tips on them. There is an o’ring on the inside so friction fit Kennedy and Goon style 810 drip tips fit just fine as well as 810’s with o’rings such as those for Smok TFV8/12.

Friction fit 810

The build deck looks like a typical GTA style except for the 2 airflow diverters on each airhole. I can see what this is doing, diverting the air so it passes under the coils.

Huge wicking slots, I would suggest 3mm inner diameter coils so you have enough wicking to fill these monsters. It wicks like a champ though.

Your coils will be mounted at the same time so you will need to clip the leads prior to installing. I generally like installing coils 1 at a time but this was easy enough and the grub screws are of great quality so kudos to them for that.

Either clip them prior to installing

Or if using a coil jig it works fine to just clip them even with the barrel of the jig

How is it to build?

I actually found it rather easy but also found that coil positioning will affect your airflow. If you like a more restricted draw and a dry vape positioning your coils low will yield the results your after. If you like a more airy vape then position the top of your coils right to the top of the posts. The higher coil position can be a little spitty with some builds though, not hot lava in your mouth but more of a wet vape.

Low build

High build, my preferred coil height and the wicking cut about even with the deck produced great results

I ran 6 builds through this tank and found that the higher coil positioning was my favorite but none of them are bad. I am currently vaping it with the low coil position and a simple clapton build with good results.

One thing I noticed though is with some coil positions you can develop a whistle with the airflow wide open. If I close it down just a little the whistle goes away.

This is a small chamber so I didn’t even attempt to put a big Alien build in there. The largest I put was a quad core parallel clapton and with high coil positioning I got excellent results.

Flavor and clouds

While not the best flavor I have gotten from a tank it is pretty good with the right build. I preferred a high coil position, get the coils closest to the top with shorting. With a low coil position the vape was noticeable dryer and cooler but I was still able to get decent flavor.

Definitely not a clouds bro tank but the size should tell you that. I get decent clouds though, think Soloman or other small GTA styled tanks.

Overall the flavor and clouds are a step down from the best out there. I am sure this will satisfy many people though and for the last 2 weeks I have been happy using this tank except for one thing.

What’s that one thing?

Seeping issues around the airflow control ring. When I first encountered this is when I had the Gemz RTA with me the whole day and filled it up about 6 or 7 times. When I got home I went to put it on another mod when I saw this:

Then looking on the bottom of the tank the condensation was real bad.

At first I thought maybe it was leaking but no, this was just condensation that had built up and the seam around the airflow control is loose enough to allow the condensation to build up. Nothing got into my 510 but over time the condensation builds up between the tank and mod. I started using a plastic mod protector and that keep the condensation off my mod.


  • Good flavor
  • Easy to build on
  • Wicks like a champ
  • Top cap doesn’t get hot
  • Quick fill up if using the tall drip tip option


  • Proprietary drip tip but you can stack 810 drip tips on top of it
  • Juice capacity does not increase with tall option
  • Only 3ml juice capacity
  • Condensation builds up and seeps from airflow ring


Now there are some definite cons with this tank but after 2 weeks with it I have the urge to order the Gold version. That urge wouldn’t be there if I didn’t actually like the tank. Sure I wish I could use my own drip tips without having to stack them on top of there proprietary drip tip. That is not enough of a con to stop my want of the Gold one though. Sure the condensation build up sucks but with a mod guard under it is not much of a problem.

I can say that I got enough enjoyment out of this tank that I am really tempted to buy another one. The black I received doesn’t float my boat in the looks dept but the gold one sure does. That is my general measuring stick, would I buy this product? With the Gemz Prime Mover RTA the answer is yes if it is the Gold, no if it is the Black.

Here is a link to order:

I want to thank for sending me the Gemz Prime Mover RTA to review, it wasn’t even on my radar, it is now though.

If you haven’t visited yet please check out where you can compare this RTA with a bunch of others. The site is jammed pack with great reviews by the ever growing Steam Pugs crew.


In the first picture there’s a spring, what the hell is that for?
I’ve never seen a spring like that in an RTA.

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That is for the top cap when in tall mode. The spring keeps it up then you just have to push down and lock to fill the tank. I hope that makes sense, here is a pic that hopefully makes it clear.

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Ok, thanks. Strange, no idea why they though it was neccesary.


Yeah, I don’t get it either, used it with the short dt the majority of the time.

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Nice review, @mjag! I love the rainbow one, so pretty! :star_struck:


Always thorough and informative, thanks


Love the look of this thing :ok_hand: never heard of it before, condensation is a bit of a worry but i’d live with it, awesome review as ever brother :wink: nice job 🖒


Great job beaut! That seeping though :weary:


Thank you @VapeyMama @anon60225325 @Steampugs and @Lolly

I did check under the tank this morning before heading off, the tank was full and no moisture under it. Definitely not a leaking issue and the condensation comes into play if your just vaping up a storm like I was the day I got that puddle. Still not cool with that but as long as you know it is a possibility it can easily be dealt with.


nice review.

Looks innovative. Cool fill system I must say!

Things have really developed in the past few years!! I remember when everything new coming out had, velocity styled build decks.


Thank you and your right. Nice to see how things are evolving, some things work out great and others not so much but great to see how far things have come in the vape world.


@mjag I just hate you, plain and simple.

For doing soo many kicken reviews back to back to back !!!

Nicely done mate. Maybe I’m not seeing it right, but that looks like seepage, not condensation ?? The deck looks neat, and it’s looking like more and more of these newer setups are really shaping how the air is (or should) be hitting the coils, which I find outstanding. Your results with differing coils heights is always nice to hear, as that can really save a new user or builder a lot of time, hassle, and aggravation.


Wow, this one is going way back, ooooph, been doing reviews for awhile it seems but it doesn’t seem that long :grin:

I do remember juice never getting into the 510 and never noticed juice until I took the tank off. That is why I figured condensation, might have to dig that out and give it another go :thinking:

Thanks brother