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General (DIY) E-liquid


General talk about e-liquids - DIY or not :smile:


is there a PG out there that isn’t peppery. I know nic has pepper added to it sometimes for TH but I’m not really interested in that. I want a mild PG I’m considering buying some from Nude Nicotine since I am really hooked on their stuff so good the nic is super pure.
thus far I’ve only tried PG from wizard and ecigexpress. As far as VG goes those two places have decent VG that I’ve tried. Any suggestions would be great !


have you tried nude nicotine’s PG ??
It’s smooth… Vapers Tek is really good with both PG and Nic…
Fwiw if you use VG base Nic, you will see a difference too !!! :wink:


I’m using nude nicotine’s 30/70 at this time but to delute it I only have ecigexpress at the present. I have in my cart ready to be purchased some vg n pg from NN that was my plan all along but was hoping to get some other suggestions. That’s for yours!

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I hope someone reads this, I see it’s an old thread. Speaking of PG…I plucked a 120ml bottle of PG from a PIF box about a year ago. I’ve no idea how old it was then. Think I should ditch it and start fresh?


Well just put in a nice black Saturday flavor order with nic river. I ordered a number of new flavors to try out so as I make some new stuff i’ll share on the recipe section.