Generic flavor names for stash

It would make the “What can I make” feature a LOT more useful if flavors could be stated generically. For example, I would l like to follow a recipe even if i do not have the exact maker and name of a vanilla flavoring. But unless i have the exact version of vanilla in the recipe it wont show up.

I suppose it should be an optional search since the recipe wont taste exactly the same without using the exact flavoring, but with so many different versions of some flavors it seems like a lot depends on having a pretty large collection of flavors like a vape shop. could you add tags or something like that and let us optionally search recipes using them?

That’s a tough one since so many recipes do depend on having the correct version of a flavor. Would be nice to see a few thousand less duplicate items in the database. I know I’ve started using the Duplicate Squasher to try and help on that. There’s a lot in there.

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:thinking:… What is this wonderful sounding duplicate squasher to which you refer?



Gee! I’ve never ventured down that road! Seems as if it might make my head explode if I spent too long in that section of the recipe site! :scream:


i thought about it and i will just create myself a big honking fictional collection of flavors in my stash and wing it. also that will allow me to get a feel for the most popular flavors out there.

there are many problems that can be solved by just faking it. looks like its time for me to run for city council

That’s probably why I havnt entered my flavors in. I just search for the primary flavor I’m going for and dream/wish/pray/scratch/punch/kick/ and it’s a miracle…I create a recipie. It’s tough, but do it enough the results get better. Thankfully so many people have submitted their recipies. One day I will have my own to submit.

I agree 110%. They could at least give you the option to include specific/non-specific brands & flavors. Take the “cream” flavors; whipped cream & sweet cream… there are multiple brands, but people often mispell them and/or reverse the words as well. So one flavor can easily have 7 or 8 different labels. I didnt do well in high school statistics, but even i can tell you that simple mistakes like these compound exponentially into an unorganized index that resembles more of a word search then any coherent list.

If i search recipes by my stash with the current method i end up with a small fraction of what is really out there. Unless of course i enter every possible mistaken phrase for; whipped cream (tfa)… wait i mean… whip cream (tpa), cream whipped (cap), whipped sweet creem (fa), sweet cream whipping (cap), sweet bavarian cream, cream whipped nicely… ok im getting carried away buy you get the point.

Seems like a simple framework would make this site 10 times more useful and 100 times more efficient.

Truthfully I would rather see a search for say Vanilla bring up all incidences of Vanilla no matter the brand however I am one person and I know there are other that would not want to see anything but what they have in their stash. Sooo, if the search was done like this you still have people bitching. Not to fret, there is a solution I feel. Hope you’re listening @daath !!! Add a button to FIND ALL and then the conditions of the search would look for the Keyword within the Titled Flavor…

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i think either create a new query that would allow a match on any word or implement the tags then a new query that uses those

Yep, that’s what I said…Tee Hee. Just said if different I guess…

So, “What can I make” but with a search field? Or did you mean generic flavor names as well?

These guys are saying they would rather all flavors regardless of company would bring up recipes during a search I believe in the “What you can Make”, “Normal search”, probably both. Now I know just as well as you do if you did this then there would be people who do not like it when ALL the flavors came up regardless of company. Thought you could add a button “SEARCH ALL” to search all so people have the option to change search terms to all instances of say vanilla, or strawberry, etc. Hopefully that a clear description…

Ok. Well, things will happen when I get to re-doing the flavor database - manufacturer-agnostic searches could be one of them :slightly_smiling: It’s not gonna happen for a while though - but crazy cool things will happen :smiley:


You can search in the regular search for flavors without having to put in a mfg. It still brings up a lot of other stuff, but it’s closer. Would boolean searching be a doable alternative in the meantime? Something like Strawberry AND banana NOT custard. Or if you want only a specific flavor you could do: banana AND “Strawberry Ripe (TPA)”.

My Python, Java, and C skills are basic. Sadly, my web skills aren’t even that or maybe I’d know a lil more about what I’m talking about… :stuck_out_tongue:

They must be talking only about the What I can make then. I didn’t check @JoJo. Thank you for checking…

I think a starting point would be to merge all flavors that have multiple entries to just one.
For example there are more than 5 entries for TPA Bavarian Cream, (the DX ones not counted in)
So in order for the “What can I make” feature to work, one has to add all the TPA Bavarian Cream entries which makes the Flavor Stash very confusing.

Another (additional) idea would be to make a “What can I almost make”, which checks the available flavors in the stash and recommends flavors to buy.

Although the order of recopies search results should be more flexible. I tend to set the order on reviews, but the should be a ranking to number of reviews too. (Not only to overall score)

Yes, they need to be merged, but that is almost entirely cosmetical, because there is only one “real” bavarian cream - the others don’t have a lot of recipes attached, so their effect on the result in “What can I make” is negligible. But you are correct, of course - it’s confusing and there should only be one of each flavor :slightly_smiling:

The score is actually a “real” score that also takes number of votes into account. This is why you will see a recipe with lots of votes but a score of 4 rank higher than a recipe with few votes but a score of 5 :slightly_smiling:

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Fixing the database is on @daath’s to do list. In the meantime, if you want to help out, you can always use the duplicate checker to let him know that some flavors are duplicates. Also, when you input a flavor into your flavor stash, make sure you pick the one with the most recipes.

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Beat me by a second :stuck_out_tongue:

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