Genesis Style Atomizers

Just curious if there are any vapers out there that are still hold outs for a particular Genesis style atty? Mesh builders? I still use one or two myself when I’m feeling, dare I say, “old school”.

I got one but it’s retired since I got my eleaf with an atlantis.

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I know a couple of guys who builds mesh wicks for their RDAs - they claim it’s the best tasting setup ever (which I can believe). Maybe I should break out my mesh again soon :smile:

I was tempted by the Blackwood RTA, which is a genesis style RTA, but can be set up using a “pinoy build” - a hybrid mesh/cotton setup.

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I’d pull my gens out more often and wick them up with mesh, but the ease of slinging new koh jen do in whatever atty I’m Vaping is so much easier. Lazy that way!

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Just watched 5 or 6 youtube reviews on the Nextgen mesh wick genesis style atomizer. They say the atty is pretty much leak proof and the flavor is superb. However, after watching those vids and remembering how much of a pain in the bollocks it was to get the coil to fire perfectly on the mesh without hot spots, was enough for me to say…“errrr, yeah, knock yourself out if you want to, but what I have going now with the japanese cotton is juuuuuust perfect for me!”

I just don’t have the inclination or patience for a mesh build anymore. I’m moving forward in the vape world with the advancement of temperature control. I’m looking forward to a nice, smooth and fluffy, never a harsh or burned wick hit, and an all around safer vaping experience.


Only Genny i own is the RSST, i wish it had a face so i could punch it. It is the most frustrating piece of vape gear that i own. Part of it is my fault, ive never tried anything other than SS mesh and played around a bit with a hemp wick inside the SS mesh. So many hotspots so little time, hehe.

Early on i went through a couple sheets of mesh, trying to use it in all my builds. It was just too temperamental. Wasnt bad in a RDA, the nice thing about cotton builds is that the cotton will hold a lot of juice,of course mesh doesnt. For me one of the most important factors in my wicking material is how much liquid it will hold.

The RSST and Cigreen Littleboy are my only two regretful purchases. But, they were both inexpensive enough to just keep as collectables.

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Just for those interested in good info about mesh wicking for Genesis style atomizers; complements of @Aux. The YT vid is very informative.

Old Aerotank Coils

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The only genny I own right now is a Kraken clone. But it is in my daily rotation. And yes, the sharpness of the taste is amazing!

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This post on ECF gives me some hope that one day, with the aid of a temp controlled mod, perhaps I’ll own that Nextgen after all.