Genesis type atomizer and high VG liquid

I tried to use high VG (80/20 VG/AD) liquid in my Nextasis atty.
But I have an obvious insufficient liquid flow.
Has anybody the expierence of using the cental pin genesis and high VG?

I haven’t ever used a Nextasis atomizer, however, I have felt your pain with regards to using central/bottom feeding genesis atomizers; “In the beginning”… that’s all there was for tank choices. I “cut my (rebuilable) teeth” on Genesis style atomizers; not missing them all that much to tell the truth. :smirk: Unfortunately… usually, high VG juices were/are not a match with the Genesis style atomizer.

If you don’t have an aversion to a high PG ratio… adjust your mixes to at least a 60P/40V ratio and you won’t have as much of an issue. But, I’m sure you are figuring this out… :smirk:


Yes 40P/60V works OK. But I don’t accept the PG

what do you use in place of PG?
I don’t know what AD is btw :blush:

AD- Aqua Distillata. Distilled water.
The classical proportion named ‘Velvet Cloud’ is 80VG/20AD

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What size mesh are you using?
I’ve got a NextGen and a NextEra, and I only use gennies.
You shouldn’t have a prob with VG/Water it’s a matter of mesh size and how you roll the wick.

The wick: mesh 200 and + 2 wrapes of mesh 260

Are you doing a mesh in mesh build?
The mesh in mesh build usually helps with thick juices, but if rolled too tight you’ll have the opposite result.
Best thing to do is try a single #325 and roll it on a syringe needle, start the mesh first by putting some juice and light it up 3/4 times.This should help.

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Mesh ON mesh :slight_smile:
External layer of the 260 mesh placed exactly under coil.
Thank you for the advice. I’ll try to do it.