German Flavors - Woodruff percentages

To the skillful mixers: Has anyone experience with Woodruff (Waldmeister) by German Flavors?

Got a little homesick lately, so I ordered a couple of flavors from German Flavors, including “Waldmeister” (woodruff). The strongest impression I have of this flavor is that green jelly you can buy in many stores in Germany. I hoped the flavoring would give me that flavor - but it didn’t, so far. :pensive: At the moment, it tastes… artificial, a bit like plastic? Hard to describe. I did a 50/50 mix with 5% flavoring like they recommended on their website.

Now, I’m not really a mixer, I mostly follow recipes I find here, so maybe someone more skillful could point me in the right direction. What would your educated guess be? More or less flavoring? Or do you have your own experience with said flavor to share?
The reason I’m asking instead of just doing a couple test runs is that although I have 50ml of it to play with, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to order more for the next year (or more).

Cheers and thanks in advance! :smile:

I have woodruff but not by German flavors… The stuff is strong and I imagine yours is too.

I would start low…like a lot lower… .05-2% max is my recommendation

Steeping it for a good while might get rid of that.

I’ve heard Capella’s Vanilla Custard V2 described this way, although I’ve not perceived that myself. Certainly though steeping helps with that and many, many flavors. I would do as @DarthVapor says and try again with a lower percentage, then what @Josephine_van_Rijn says and let it steep. Give it a good week or two and see how it develops.


I’ll try that!

Meanwhile, it’s in the closet, steepin…

Thanks for your answers! :smile:

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No problem! Sorry for the short and abrupt message I was at work when I stumbled on your question and I didn’t have time to really reply.

Woodruff is what I would categorize what we sum up to “Flora” round these parts :wink: and with pretty much all flora flavorings by any company is potent stuff! Very easy to destroy a mix and resulting in either ruining your palette for a good week or 2 or getting what you are describing. For the most part I really hate to say this phrase BUT less is more…it really is, take ylang ylang for example…too much and it will turn you off of it in no time but just a few drops and it’s incredible…just enough to tease you :wink:

With the exception of cherry blossom and honey suckle I rarely go over 2%. Typically I stay around .5-1% depending on what I am doing. I just got TFA’s Sweet Woodruff and although I haven’t worked with it much I can tell this is no exception

If you do like using floras, Violet, Rose, Lavender, Ylang, Woodruff, etc… @Amy2 and I kinda threw a thread together about it and would love to get some feedback

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No worries, mate. Your answer was helpful as is. :smile:

Normally I don’t enjoy florals, tried some, but it sounded like a better idea in my head than it turned out. I’ll have a look at that thread nonetheless, though!