Getting portions right?!

I’ve got the basic principle down I want to do a 70vg/30pg 60ml mix of strawberry banana. Question is when I add my flavors I have to subtract that amount from the base liquid of 60ml but how do I determine which I reduce, like I add 5% banana and 7% strawberry how would I know which to subtract from pg or vg to compensate for the missing liquid If I’m makin any sense at all,

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Flavors are generally in PG, so subtract from the PG. I’m pretty sure that the ELR calculator will do this for you, just enter your desired PG:VG ratio and the machine should do the rest.


Flavor total (12%) comes out of the base but depends whether the flavor is pg or vg based to subtract it from. The default is pg so if it is different change that in your mix( lil box as to what its based w/)


So if I understand this I would subtract 12% flavor from the 30% pg correct

Yep, If your mix was 100ml total, you’d subtract 12 ml from the pg content. You would have 12ml flavor, 18ml PG and 70ml VG

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But if you are here the elr calculator will automatically do it for you!


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Sweet this is making a lot more sense can’t wait to try some new flavors