Getting Started: Nicotine error when saving recipe

OK my Korean isn’t great but what I’m seeing is 4 options of 99.9% pure nicotine and one mixed option of 24% in 5ml for 5usd

From my new knowledge this is much safer than the 56% but still more dangerous than what is recommended online. Knowing that Korean tax at 900won up to 20ml why are you not offering a 20ml bottle at 100mg/ml?
Edit: Wow cheapest shipping option from China to Korea is $13.60 well that sealed the deal for me. No thanks

Also on your .com site there are safety warnings about pure-nicotine whereas on your Korean .net site the warnings are 2/3rds of the way down the page.

It’s also sad to see that talking about pure nicotine is banned because the lack of ability to find out how dangerous it is and what safety precautions are needed may lead over confident beginners to try it out. I like the idea of 99.9% pure and cutting it myself because then if there was a mistake on the manufacturers end I’m guaranteed only to have a solution weaker than what I want. Yes I know the flip side is that if I make a mistake cutting it then I could end up making myself sick or even killing myself but then I would have no-one to blame but myself. With the lack of knowledge out there I’ll stick to the weaker solutions but it would be nice to know more.

Well, <20ml Nic products is only recommended to the Korea retailer clients, it’s allowed to be imported, but the tax is needed. The reason of selling higher bottle is that we also offer the wholesale programs, it’s for business/vendor only. We also have different nicotine densities for each countries due to the local policy, you could refer more to ( JP), ( FR).

For the shipping request, since the importance of the LIQUID products, specially in the hot summer, we only offer the fast shipping ways, such as the DHL and FedEx, only takes 3-4 working days delivery to make more convenience.

Thank you for your great advice, well noted it and we will have more safety warnings on our

Nicotine base is better for all the vapors, such as 100mg/ml, 72mg/ml, 50mg/ml, etc, it’s much safer, I totally agree with you for the safety cautions. For all DIYer vapors, please take care of the nicotine products you have, get more knowledge before you start it!

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