Getting the Flavoring right on 24mg Nic mixes

I usually make 3mg Nic at 30ml and I have request to make the base at 24ml what’s the rule of thumb to still get the flavor to burst. Thanks for the help

I don’t think the amount of nicotine makes any difference, as far as I know you just use the same amount of flavouring as you would for lower nicotine juices. I’ve never used high amounts of nicotine though so I hope someone who does chimes in :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be too much for a little eGo 600MaH. I think for DIY it may be more of a test of your nicotine quality/taste. That’s more than likely to blame for all the wonderful flavor choices at your local gas station. Flavor % are likely higher to mask the 24% nic


I noticed that the absolute amount of nicotine in the liquid does matter a lot when it comes to flavour mixing, even after you take differences in wattage into consideration. What I mean is, I used to vape around 1 ohms mechanically at 12mg - before that 15mg around 1.6-2.0 ohms - now I’m at 6mg for 30-60W. So, my personal guess is that my absolute intake hasn’t changed much, really - just the relative amount of vapour/liquid produced per nicotine consumed.
Still following me? Might be a bit confusing, so to the bottom line. You’ll have to worry less about nuances in the mix and more about appropriate strength of the main flavours in the mix. But, to be honest, you’d have to try to know for sure.

If I’m not mistaken, @ringling might have more insight for you.

Cheers! Hope I could help a little!

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I need this as well…ive tried adding .2 and .3 on each flavor but it gets chemical tasting. It sucks not having time to mix right on point every time…im trying to make a 24mg

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@Bakervapor Maybe do a test of just VG/PG/3mg and VG/PG/24mg and taste test (say 15ml?) without any flavoring and see what’s what …please share those results, sounds interesting. Provide some good information re: what you may be up against flavorwise …I mean is there a need for more coverup? Maybe some additional additives like Smooth or MagicMask? If it’s for some aging subohm user you may wanna do 50/50 VG/PG for thinner mix …but not necessary.

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I didnt think of it like that thank you…i will try to do that later male a 5ml of each