Girlfriend threw out my Nic!

Weird situation going on. I wrapped up my nicotine in 10 grocery bags about 3 months ago and put it in the freezer. Tonight I was going to “cook” and asked her if she had moved it. She had no idea what I was talking about and at some point in time she had thrown it away. So moral of this story, I need to buy more nic. I am not in the market for any more flavors but only want to buy around 120 mls of 100mg nic. Any reputable places having free shipping? (I know this is a long shot)

Most reputable places will do free shipping at $50-$75 minimum order. Nicotine River carries NicSelect which is really good nicotine. 150ml bottle of 100mg/ml is fairly cheap even with shipping. Don’t forget to use coupon code ELR


I was actually just looking at that page!
I will be buying from them. Thank you very much @Big_Benny_MI


Anytime! :grinning:

Well, you’re still calling her your girlfriend. That bodes well for your future as a couple!

We’ll call off the car trunk search. :grinning:


I wasn’t very happy but I guess there was nothing I could do but order more. She wasn’t going to confess to it. She even blamed it on me like I would throw away my own nic! But we’ve been together over 5 years and I am only 19 so I suppose we have pushed through harder things! Haha


But sweetie you should be keeping that in a small fridge in the garage or something. I wouldn’t keep nic stored with my food. (Much Love)

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I keep my nic in my deep freeze alongside food. It’s important to make sure you have it packaged well in a couple layers of plastic, but I see NO harm in it at all.

Being practical AND smart, is a good thing!

P.S. One caveat… I just live with a Husband that’s very AWARE. No kids in this household either.


I’m not kidding, I wrapped it in 10+ grocery bags and before the grocery bags a sandwich bag so there would be no way for it to come out of the bags even if it does somehow leak. I am a very cautious person so I made sure I made it as safe as I could.


I agree with you Alisa, I had it wrapped in a sandwich bag and 10+ grocery bags because I was nervous about the whole idea. I think it is perfectly fine considering how many layers I had plus the factory packaging on it. It had never been opened so i think I was being very safe about it.


It’s a personal preference, I wasn’t trying to be a “butt”… It just freaks me out to have it near the food.

I think double bagging with a couple freezer bags is more than sufficient. You still want it to be readily identifiable so the girlfriend doesn’t have an excuse to throw it out! :wink:


Try, I just bought some and I think they are the best that I have ever used. My previous buy of nic felt peppery after taste, so had to try mfs and trust me you cant go wrong with them.

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I think after double bagging it. I would Mark it with a permanent marker.

If you have the space in your fridge/freezer, the plastic bins and drawer organizers from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Walmart come in handy for your fluids. I have three larger bins, color coded, one for nicotine, another for PG, and a third for VG. Flavor overstock is in zip lock bags, and the bags are in drawer organizers. No mistaking what’s in there and no danger of ruining food.