Gitanes flavor?

What type of Tobacco flavoring would replicate that strong spicy yet somewhat cigar like flavor of Gitanes? I find that TPA Western has it but it dissipates completely after few of days of steep. So my excitement went cold when that happened and I’m on the search again.

@flavorhound1; You’re going to have to go outside the usual channels to get the flavoring you want to create your mix. From what I read and hear, this is the only way to get it. N-E-T flavorings/extracts. The product costs a bit more, however, the process to extract the tobacco flavoring is time consuming.

I’ve wanted to purchase from this vendor for a while now, but have been enjoying my Flavourarts tobaccos too much to pay it much attention. Eventually I’ll give them a try, because they have tons of product that looks really good. They have a 3 pack of French style tobaccos that looks terrific. I know we are not use to paying $10 for 15ml of flavoring, but I bet that stuff is tasty!

Back in the day one of my favorite RYO tobaccos was Three Castles. They have a net of that I want to try real bad! Oh well, one day.

Thanks, I see what you mean. The way they describe it seems like pretty complicated mix to do without real extracts. Yes might be worth a try one day to see how close they got it. Too bad the Western doesn’t hold up at least for a month, I would have been happy enough with that.

If you’re looking for the “Brunes” flavor, give Flavorah’s Cured Tobacco a shot. Its the closest I’ve gotten flavor-wise. It does have however, a fruity sweetness on the front of the tongue which keeps it from being a dead-ringer. On the plus side, it doesn’t need to steep.

I’ve been playing with adding some fire-cured flavors to this with good results.

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I’ll get that to try next time I’m ordering. I think Tobaccos might be extremely hard and require some actual Tobacco knowledge to do from what I’ve been reading so far. At first I’ve been hoping for 2-3 flavors from TPA, but now I know - no chance.
I do have some Tobacco flavors (not extracts) but from my experiments the closest thing I get to Tobacco is a smell of an open cig packet. None of the deep fullness, richness or flavor of something like a real cigar or rolling Tobacco.