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Giveaway Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit Date May3rd


2 my first mtl device was an aspire


3 this place is my only social media


4 I really want this mod


5 last day to enter!!


An awesome looking kit :heart_eyes:


@DaveDave @Jazzy_girl @Vapoligist


Pinned the post


Good construction of the bottle.


Good Bottle capacity: 7.0ml


A good choice of colors


I think Gunmrtal/Chrome color is optimal.


It’s not a mech, the mod has a power controller.



I am glad it is not a mech. I love my mech squonker on a fresh battery, but control would be nice if I could give it a little push.



Would be a great MTL squonker for work breaks.



All the colors are lovely, but I would really like the black and gunmetal one. It could be all matchy matchy with my similar colored Aspire Zelos.


Still love how comfortable it looks to hold!



Good luck everybody!


Congrats @DaveDave enjoy the squonking experience!!!


Congratulations @DaveDave :tada:


Thanks @Fishaddict420 & @Mark_Turner !
Thanks to @andycolins for the chance.
Let’s see if they deliver, and how their “win” works out.

[MODERATORS: Please do not close this thread – I would like to update everyone here on how the efuntop “win” is handled]

First they wanted me to place an order on their web site, post a link on here (which I remember it wasn’t needed (as per a mod for a previous winner)) and send them the order #.
– cool, no problem –

I place the item in the cart, enter the discount code for the “free” mod – which credits the $74.99 pre-order - for a balance of $0.00.
Continuing the checkout, (standard, billing/shipping address, ship type) then it sends me to PayPal which wants to charge me $28.77 – what? – so I cancelled the order / abandoned the shopping cart.

I have PM’d Andycollins about this, and just sent him my shipping address - with a brief note about why I cancelled the order, and was not able to supply him with an order #.

Hope this helps any other future winners from efuntop.