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Giveaway Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit Date May3rd


So they wanted you to place an order for the prize you won and then apply a coupon that made it free? And you still pay shipping?


I really hope this will be handled ASAP without any cost too you. Just reading this makes me mad.

Anyways, despite that unresolved issue, let me say congratulations. I hope you enjoy this mod and please share your thoughts with us. Thanks.


@moderators, OK to close this thread.

:scream: I’m the idiot ! The reason their shopping cart sent me to Paypal was because I had some items already in the shopping cart and I didn’t notice it.

Anyways, once I deleted everything else from the shopping cart, cleared the cache and tried it again, the process was smooth and no charges at all.

Thanks @andycolins !

Other vendors just ask for a shipping address and send it as soon as they can. This was ‘work’ :dizzy_face:

Remind me to check for vape mail in a month or so. :innocent:


@DaveDave, It’s ok, try not to be embarrassed (too much) I have these moments all day long and when it happens I do an imitation of Homer Simpson and say “DOOOOOOOOOUGH”. Unfortunately i’m really really good at my imitation.


@DaveDave awesome bro, nice win. I hope you let us know how you like it. I am curious to know how the battery door thingy threads are.


It’s my first squonker, so I’m really looking forward to it. Hope the little tank performs well, otherwise I’m gonna need to get me some squonk RDAs.


Well, let me know about the rda, I am sure I can help you out on that front. :+1:


If you’re not a full on mtl person, you most likely will enjoy the revvo boost. It is a tiny bit restricted but not much. If not well Dan gotcha covered :wink:

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