Giveaway For ELR Vapers - Aspire Quad-Flex Power Pack Silver (Ended)

Giveaway For ELR Vapers - Aspire Quad-Flex Power Pack Silver
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The main feature of this item is that there is a replacement tank. You could change different airflow as you like, top airflow or side airflow.

How to enter?

Only one question, we know there are so many onlineshop provide free shipping. In fact the shipping fee will be added in the products’ price. Do you like free shipping when order over $30 or you like to pay products and shipping fee separately?
Please note the products price is the same, but to different country the shipping fee will be different. Sometimes you may pay more to get one free shipping product.

Comment below with your opinion. Really need your advise. Pls note don’t mention other vendors name (It will be taken as advertise ), You could use some stores to instead of. Thank you.

One winner will be picked up randomly on 7th. Dec.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for all your support.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your comment. Congratulations to @whosyourdaddy win the free Aspire RDA. Please pm us your address as following form.

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Thank you for all your support. Have a nice day.


The problem with paying for shipping, for me, is that I always look at it and think “What a waste. I could use that money for more stuff!” But, having the prices increased to offset shipping is still not a great option. I think I prefer having a threshold for free shipping as long as it doesn’t mean a price increase. I might not always meet it, but it’s nice to know I can save up for a big order and get free shipping if I want to.


I totally agree with @JoJo. I always look at the total price. It is easy to tell if the price is offset for shipping. Just compare the competitions prices with a click. One thing that I factor is how it is shipped as well. How long is it going to take to get here. I know that faster shipping requires a higher price. I am curious to see if a company would offset their profits to send a reduced rate priority shipping option. Sure you would have to help pay for shipping, but if you sold more items it would balance out.


Free Shipping? Now you have my attention :wink:
Okay, Here is how I see it. Generally speaking, Consumers are a savvy bunch.
We know nothing is Free, There is always going to be a catch.

Venders are also acutely aware that consumers will purchase more then they need or want to get something for Free.
Things like
"Buy One Get One Free"
“Buy One Get the Second Half Off”
"Buy Today Get 50% Off"
And of course …
"If your Purchase totals $30 Shipping is Free"
Are excellent marketing tools that are highly effective to move & sell product in volume.
Which consequentially is the desired effect that a Company wishes to achieve.
That fact that you have postulated this question here in this forum. Is indicative of the fact that your Company needs to research what other Businesses are doing to move the needle.
Thanks for the Chance, Best of Luck in your Business Venture

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Personally I don’t really care for free shipping, especially not if it requires that you buy for a certain amount, that just makes me feel like I’m being pressured into buying more than I had actually planned. I still sneak an item or two extra into the basket if I’m close to the free shipping limit, but I prefer not being pressured to do so.

Whenever I plan to buy something I always look for the minimum order for free shipping.
If I added something for $20 and free shipping is $50, sometimes I will not order because I won’t be able to find anything else to meet that minimum. Or it could be the opposite where I’ll find things to add and meet that limit (most of the time) because shipping cost would probably come out to some ridiculous amount that I’ll be better of meeting that $50 limit.
I think the idea behind reduced price and shipping cost is great in theory but the bottom line is that shipping cost will still be expensive and when you see high shipping costs, you’ll most likely not buy.
The thing about shipping included in product prices, if you happen to order big I think it’s not too bad because shipping costs will most likely be expensive anyway.

Maybe have fair prices and offer free shipping for really large orders, perhaps over $100 or something and some sort of standardized shipping costs for small orders.

When it comes to gear the ship’n cost is usually not that outrageous so i would rather have the lowest price, pay the 3 some bucks and wait a couple weeks. Although u cant anticipate breaking something to have some things on hand, it blows having to order a part and end up paying more for the ship’n then the actual price of the part. I guess ideally the vendor would have 2 options to choose, one would be a lower product price and one would be free ship’n. A vendor w/ the most products available is the most important to me since I avoid paying 2 diff ship’n prices.

I will use my diy juice supplier as an example. They have free shipping on orders above $50, and there are many times I will order several new flavors just to hit the 50 mark even if I only needed a few things. Flavors are different than hardware though I imagine, or at least it is for me. Although if I bought an rda or tank and didn’t quite meet the free shipping mark I might get some cotton or wire to meet the minimum.

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The situations may be so different.
For example, HG gives the Gift sertificate but shipping must be paid separately in any case.
I can’t use the part of sertificate to pay the shipping.
I can’t use my oter sertificate to pay the shipping.
This reduces the impression of such “gift”

I always look at the cost of the item first, before considering what the shipping would be. If the price of the item is okay I then look to see if there is a price break on shipping (i.e. free shipping for a minimum purchase). The problem for me incurs (for hardware (not for flavorings)) is I am looking at a single item usually when looking at hardware and it is doubtful if I will be purchasing multiple large ticket items just to make a minimum shipping purchase price, so I wouldn’t meet a specific price amount. A low item price would keep me buying the item even it there was a reasonable shipping charge.

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I compare total cost to total cost and then consider where it comes from. The rest i dont really care about.

Things that i do care about tho are:
Can i tally everything up without going through the entire checkout process?
Are the payment methods list on the front page of the site or even on every page?

If i cant do these two things i go to a different site.


100% This. To me shipping is what it is.


shipping is a burr in my @$$ if shipping is over six dollars, forget it. I don’t purchase heavy items ( except for vg ) and what I do order will fit in the small flat rate box, which is 6 dollars, but they better not put a small item (rda) in a flat rate box.

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Personally, I do not mind paying for shipping. I like seeing the best price for products and that sways my opinion of where I will buy the product from. So if a company is inflating prices of products to add in shipping that they say is free, I may not buy from them anyways because it looks like the product costs more than from somewhere else that gives the regular price for a product and no free shipping. I am more likely to buy the product from the place where the product costs less, no matter the shipping. It makes me feel that the company is more honest and transparent in their business practices instead of trying to find a way to rip me off just to make more money. Shipping generally costs different prices depending on the weight of the total order so if a company is inflating prices to offer free shipping, chances are they are going over what it would actually cost and are keeping the difference. So if I pay for shipping myself, I feel that I am getting a better deal. The only way I like free shipping is if the company is not inflating prices to do so.

You had me at free shipping, I’m def in when there is free shipping involved…but we always know there is no such thing as a free lunch!

When I look at products and prices I will normally view the same product at multiple places online. For instance my son wants a Wisnec Gen 3 mod so I goto the places and compare prices. I found it for 49.90 and shipping is about 5 bucks. Considering most place have it for 60-70 bucks. I will go with the cheapest most reputable place o make my final purchase. So for me shipping is only a factor. I hope this puts things into perspective. Its a volitile market out there and its so easy to price shop with the internet!


Free shipping always encorages me to go ahead and buy. So if I see that I am $4 away from a free shipping limit, I’d add an item to get free shipping.

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Free shipping is usually what I will look for when purchasing. I also compare items from multiple web sites before making a decision, but the overall total price is what I look at. I don’t care if it takes 2 days or 2 weeks to arrive.

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In case of the free shipping option it realy depends where your actualy ordering.
Small example;
When i order in USA, Shipping will be 10 to 12 EUR (product was about 35 EUR)
When it comes in my country i get taxed by our gouvement => 25 EUR extra
Leaves me with a product that is cheaper then the trip it came with.

Tough i found out why this happened and they will not get me 2 times with this.

In general i do not mind to pay for shipping because that way i can be kind of sure the package is being handled with care.

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I like free shipping when an order is over $30 or more. How do I like to see it on my bill? Always Item and shipping cost or no cost indicated.