[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced

Wanna try VOOPOO New Drag/Mini for Free? We’re looking for testers here!

:heart_eyes: Seize the chance, Total 250 testers will be chosen ( via all VOOPOO social media):heart_eyes:
4 testers will draw here.

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How to enter👇⠀

  1. Must be of legal age of vaping
  2. Comment below with your thoughts for the New Drag 2/Mini
  3. Most importantly: Make sure you’ll post review on ELR before Oct.31th, Or in 1 week after receiving the product.
    4 Testers will draw here on October 12th.Come on!



Very interested in the new Gene Fit chip. It was the Gene Fan chip that made the original Drag stand out from the crowd.

I agree with @worm1, you need to give whomever you select time to try out the devices and to write the review.


Count me out too.
No do VooPoo review for you.
No wine before it’s time!


Considering the time between the draw date, and the usual shipping times, i doubt the mod will even get to my address by October 31


  1. i’m over 40 so i’m definitely of legal age
  2. I like the redesign for the drag2 (from what I can see in the photos in this thread) It’s less boxy and looks more refined
  3. as long as you deliver it by October 25, I will put up a review by October 31 :smiley:

so many color options. i like it. :call_me_hand:
But, i think @VOOPOOTech you should change the 3rd rule, like : winners must post review in 1 week after receiving the products or maybe 3 days after receiving the products :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I happen to know a reviewer who does 1 review about every 2.4 days, he claims to have done vape reviews since late 2016 and have done around 300 reviews to date. So do the math, I’m not that quick but I’m sure I could come up with something in your allotted time frame.

If I could get 2 of your device around October 15th, I am sure I could write something about the operation of the device, and my opinion of it, and have something published around October 31 2018. It would be best if you send 2 devices so my wife can use one also to help me by sharing her opinion on the device.

It would be even better if you could include a 3rd device that I could raffle off in a contest for the ELR readers of the review.

I am not really a reviewer, so for the most part I would just be sharing images and information about the operation of the device. You would have to be willing to accept my review as-is because if I notice problems with a device I will mention that in my review.

Send it my way, I’ll give it my best shot, I can write something in 2 weeks if other reviewers can do one every 3 days :yum:

PM me if you are interested.


I’ll do one too VooPoo. Ha, I’m a poet and I already know it. I am sure y’all already have them in the States, so it wouldn’t take long to get here.

count me in.

Thanks, @Sprkslfly for that subtle reminder.

I think the mod is sharp. I would like to see how the new board works

I am of age, though I wouldn’t mind being eighteen, if I got to keep my life experience,


Check! Definitely older than that. :laughing:

I would be interested in seeing how your chip performs.

Only chance of that is if I win. =P
And if I do, you can send either the one on the top left (first row), or the second from left on the bottom (second row). lol



Looks more ergonomic than the edgy Drag.

Sure, if it gets here in time.



I don’t have VOOPOO Drag yet. Despite this, I would have great pleasure in trying out VOOPOO Drag 2/Mini. Its appearance is unique, the color scheme is at a height! It is interesting to try live in the work of the Revolutionary Gene Fit Chip!

If I win the opportunity to test VOOPOO Drag 2 / mini, I will review it on time!


The product will be shipped once the testers are picked, and it only takes 3-5 days for shipping. We give almost 10 days for testers to test it and write review, I think the time is enough.


The products will be shipped on October 14th-15th, it takes 3-6 days to arrive in America. For some remote countries and cities, Just make sure post the review in 1 week after receiving the products.


I think the Drag2 is a gorgeous looking mod, one of the better looking mods on the market. The resin panels give it a really sharp look, a high-end-ish look if you ask me.
If this rendition of the Gene chip is equal to or better than the last it’s going to be a great chip because I own the Voopoo Too and it’s the quickest firing mod I own.
Hope 25s and 26s fit on top with no overhang, I’m sure they do, otherwise that would not be good.
The matching drip tips look really good , that’s a eloquent touch.
The original Drag was one of the most popular mods of 2017 and the gold ones and special editions rocked 2018. So there is a lot of hype to live up to with this release.
I’m definitely not a reviewer just a consumer, I do know my way around a apv though.


How to enter👇⠀

  1. Must be of legal age of vaping

Well past that age


  1. Comment below with your thoughts for the New Drag 2/Mini

Little information out there on what sort of upgrades and improvements the Drag 2/Mini has over the original kit. So would be interesting to be able to give my thoughts via a review on here, if I was lucky enough to be chosen


  1. Most importantly: Make sure you’ll post review on ELR before Oct.31 st

I think 7-10 days is enough time to give your thoughts on a device/kit. Recently bought a new mod and kit 7 days ago and in that time, I have used that device. i would feel able to give a fair summary of how the device and tank have performed for me so far.


I’m old enough.
I got the drag resin and it’s edges are kinda sharp. I wonder if this mini feels the same…
If chosen, I’ll try to post my thoughts on this mod before 31st of december, if I receive it with enough time to use it.

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I have a channel on Youtube with vape - reviews http://www.youtube.com/c/Chelovek_oficial . If i win - i will do video review on this amazing product!

  1. I’m definitely of legal vaping age … and then plus several years :wink:

  2. I loved the looks of the original Drag and have heard that it also performed very well, though I have never tried one for myself. The new ones also looks very cool, and hopefully performs even better.

  3. I am in no way a professional reviewer but I have written a couple of reviews before. Putting out a review in 7-10 days should be feasible for me. If I am chosen I would prefer the Drag 2 over the Mini.


I’m of legal age, definately…lol.
I like the looks of this one a lot, it’s beautiful in fact. I have used the original drag and it’s still one of my favorite mods. My original carbon fiber/silver mod continues to work flawlessly, it’s one of the first runs, it has the date hand written on the inside, I’ve used it daily with no problems.
I’d be happy to write a review once received. Thank you for the chance.


Great looking and perfect size :+1:
And the color? Ooh, i love it :heartpulse::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:
Yes i will post a review about it if i win :heart_eyes:
And that first question make me realize that i’m turn 25 years old 5 hours from now :rofl::rofl::rofl:
so if i win, i think that would be the best prize ever for my birthday :gift::tada::confetti_ball:
Wish me luck :innocent::innocent::innocent: