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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


@CosmicTruth yes, i’m 25 now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hope you have at least 75 more happy birthdays :slight_smile:

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Would love to test the new drag 2 out.

I’m above 18 (36).

Sure I can make a review, even compare it to the first drag if needed.

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A freemax starre pure?

That’s what I’m vaping on right now too!

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Ah, I missed this. Happy Birthday @Pikachu ! may your life be more blessed.


I can top that send me one and my wife and I can both review it. We will both view the unboxing but can’t each open and un-box it.

I can name that tune in…


Being retired and having LOTS of spare time on my hands while I sit around and wait for 01/01/2019 so I can schedule knee surgery Until then


It would be awesomely great to try this kit, aspecially for free. Adore design and characteristics.

  1. Must be of legal age of vaping

Sure am😎

  1. Comment below with your thoughts for the New Drag 2/Mini

I love Voopoo products! I am enamored with the resin and simplicity that I’m sure this device has. Also, the chipset is pretty amazing! Looks like a solid mod!

  1. Most importantly: Make sure you’ll post review on ELR before Oct.31th, Or in 1 week after receiving the product

I can certainly do this. Honestly and openly.


I want this kit so much!!! Very cool design!


This kit rocks! Send me please! I need to try!


I allready love this kits! Send me bouth)


I think VOOPOO New Drag 2 / Mini will repeat the success of the device.VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC Box MOD.
I would love to test it.


what do you mean bro? I am sincerely curious. What do you mean by spamming?


My opinion is that picking four people to do a review on the same forum is moving in the direction of spamming.


What is spamming? Maybe I have the wrong definition. The only reference I have for spam is that dog food in a can that the government tried to pass off as human food… and… I have a spam folder in my email page.

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If you served in Israeli army you learn that spam is tasty and nobody can argue with that!

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I was the odd duck when we were coming up. Everybody but me wanted spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam. FRIED


Hey some of us actually like Spam. I make a killer split pea and spam soup as well and every now and then a good old spam sandwich with lettuce and tomato is great