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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


If that is the ONLY regulation a country has, I’d sign up for it in an instant

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I quit without ever touching juul or any other pod system


I feel you bro. Thats just how it works sometimes. You might run into it from other places also now if you try to order anywhere outside the country like Suomynana has his issues.

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I need some clarification on this sentence since i really have no clue what you wanted to say :slight_smile:


We have to say, the truth is only the shipping problem. There’re about 15 packages met problems during shipping, and until yesterday, 5 packages’ shipping problem were not solved.

And we have no reason not sending you the prize, 200+ free products has been sent to testers, why we just ignore you? If you have any friends or relatives in another country or you can find a way that we can send it to you successfully. Yeah, Surely we’ll resend it again and make sure you’ll receive your prize.

And, I think we’ll cooperate with another carrier company next time.


If the carrier you used is DHL your whole story is one big lie since there is no ban on vaping products in Israel, and DHL is the preferred carrier to import vaping gear to Israel. It’s used by all vaping stores locally.

The only plausable story I can think of is that your friends in Bahrain were not willing to send a package to Israel, and that is entirely your problem.

But as I said previously, I don’t care anymore. I will simply stop endorsing Voopoo products, and will make sure to tell my story to anyone who will listen.


Finally got mine… Prussian Blue :heart_eyes:

Thanks @VOOPOOTech


Will be gorgeous once you remove that hideous branding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you get a mini as well?

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Yeah, its the Mini

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