Giveaway: Win A High Wattage Vaping Tank, IJOY Tornado 150 RTA!

IJOY is killing it this year! First the Tornado nano, then Limitless RDTA series, and now they added a new member to its venerable Tornado line.

The Tornado 150 is a 25mm sub ohm tank that features a new Tornado 0.3ohm coil, capable of running up to 150W. The pre-made coil also serves as a chimney, greatly increasing effective airflow while producing fantastic flavor and vapor clouds. And there is also a two post style RTA deck included in this tank kit, you can enjoy building your own coils. The tank can hold up to 4.2ml e-liquid, and top fill system is easy to work with. The wide bore Delrin chuff cap is great for high wattage vaping.

Would you like to give it a shot? Then enter this giveaway now. We have 1 IJOY Tornado 150 looking for an owner!

Reply any of the rules below to enter:

  1. What’s your favorite product from IJOY?
  2. How do you think about IJOY Tornado 150?
  3. Any suggestion for IJOY’s next tank?


  1. The contest ends on Oct. 7, 2016
  2. At least 30 participants join in
  3. Winner will be picked via

Guys, if you are interested in this prize, now it’s your time to take actions. Spread the giveaway news, share with your friends. We are here waiting for you. Good luck!!


Looks great, would love to try it out.

@ozo @VapeyMama @MisterSinner @BoyHowdy


I gotta say that I’m loving my Reaper Plus tank right now. I just got it two days ago and I had to order two more. I’d love to give the Tornado a go and see what it can do. My only suggestion for future tanks is: change the drip tip, or make it possible to change it to other options.


I currently use the Ijoy Tornado Nano and think the flavour from the stock coils and the ease of building on the RTA deck make this my most used tank I have in my collection at the moment.

Loving the look of the Ijoy Tornado 150 along with the new style 0.3 ohm coils, the only gripe with the Tornado Nano stock coils I have, is there is too much cotton in them and they need to be trimmed before use. So hopefully these new coils although totally different in design will have solved that problem, whilst still preserving the great flavour of the Nano coils.

I would like to see a top airflow design in an Ijoy tank, to try and help prevent some of the occasional leaking that I experience with the Tornado Nano as the tank starts to empty.

@VapeyMama @Pugs1970 @Joel5


Looks pretty cool. Would be a nice big brother to to my nano lol

@Bearkat @BoyHowdy @ozo


I haven’t got a favourite product from IJOY as of yet, but this one could possibly become it :grinning:
I still haven’t bothered to unwrap my limitless RDTA plus to clean it and give it a testrun, oh the laziness of some people :blush:
@Uncaged this one is yours!


nice looking tank, would definitely like to try it out :grin:

@Lostmarbles @MisterSinner @MysticRose

  1. How do you think about IJOY Tornado 150?

If this tank get the same good reviews as the Limitles Plus and the Combo i think this is a really good tank that i would like to try out.

@GPC2012 @anon88729607 @Grubby


Tank looks awesome, iJoy make some great stuff!

@Maureeenie @Josephine_van_Rijn @BoyHowdy @ozo


Nice and small with a short chimney, should be awesome for flavour

@Lotte @bluenose63 @SunnyT


1.I don’t think I actually own a IJOY product yet , I did just purchase 4 of their 26650 batteries .I keep reading good reviews of their products!
2. I like the clean compact look and the ability to purchase or build your own coils.I think that is a great option for the majority .
3.While I do like the Chuff style drip tip I am sure it cost sales as many will not use this style no matter how good the tank works.That is my only suggestion and I am sure it would increase the popularity.
@Whiterose0818 @GPC2012 @MysticRose @Sprkslfly @VapeyMama


I was wary about the tops on the Nano before I bought it as well. But going on the ijoy Tornado Nano I am converted, I think it is a much more comfortable fit in the mouth than the original delrin top the nano was supplied with. The chuff cap I have, had to be bought separately. If this is the same style, I personally think its great you get the chuff cap supplied and not the more straight sided delrin top cap that you get with the nano. You get a 510 drip tip that will fit into the chuff cap if you really can’t get on with it also.


I have both the Reaper Plus and the Tornado Nano tanks and they are both great, if i had to choose a favorite it would be the Reaper but only because it was the tank i first used when I switched from smoking to vaping.

@Anonymiss @Pugs1970 @Patiu

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  1. How do you think about IJOY Tornado 150?

It’s a good looking tank, I think it’ll be a great flavor giver too, tasty! :slight_smile:

@Pugs1970 @jhmiller @Lostmarbles

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i dont own any ijoy products
i think the tank will be a nice one and its smart to have both the factory coils and deck to build
and im not sure what they shiuld do next

@Pugs1970 @rob62 @JoJo

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I have recently purchased the iJoy solo and I love it. Great mod for the price. Would love to be able to win this to put on the mod!
@Lord_Brittie @yohkos @QaxXxuZ

Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to own a product from ijoy so I can’t say that I have a favorite yet. Maybe the 150 can fill that void. I think the tornado does have some good potential and love the option among being able to use either premade coils or build your own. I would suggest that items like this come with multiple drip tip options…especially one that may be a little bit taller.

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I like the option that you can rebuild the the Tornado 150
@Airat @Brewdog @Chad

Thanks for the thought!
I’ll be rooting for everyone else from a comfy seat. :wink:

@Beaufort_Batches @MysticRose @GPC2012 @Z_Hobbit @BoDarc


Thank you for thinking of me. I’d only feel guilty if I won this because my mods max out at 75. Good luck to everyone though. :grinning: