Glas Basix Strawberry Gummy

Strawberry Gummy vape juice by Glas Basix introduces an outstanding gummy bear flavor with a sweet and sour twist. A candy shop favorite, this gummy bear flavor adds a sweet and sour strawberry belt candy to deliver a flavor that will knock your socks off. Your taste buds will be dancing at the tanginess and delight that only Strawberry Gummy can deliver.

Flavor Notes on bottle
Sweet Strawberry - (Sweet Strawberry (CAP) @3%?)
Sour Gummy - (Sour Gummy (SC) (WF) @3%?
(Sour (TPA) @ 1%?)
Mixed Berry - (Harvest Berry (CAP) @1.5%?

Haven’t really found a good strawberry gummy yet, but I saw this on the reddit vaping thread in a pic and it sounded decent. It’s supposedly a sour sweet strawberry gummy.


looks legit …nice lookin’ out

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I found a picture of the bottle itself, I came up with the recipe as I reviewed it. sounded good though, a sourly sweet gummy.

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From an old post by Walt (RF) [from my notes]
“Combine grape with cherry to mimic gummy bears”

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I got grape soda and grape juice and black cherry fa :smiley: but also a lot of one shot gummy worm/candy stuff lmao

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as a basic gummy flavor, I did make this back in april, which I felt was an original rendition of the flavor profile, but :confused: no reviews yet :sweat_smile:

I thought it tasted pretty dang delicious

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Or could try (CAP) 27 bears with (CAP) Jelly Candy add a strawberry combo you already enjoy. Add sweet and tart since it has a raspberry note by itself that could help the strawberry, add sour at the end if needed. Maybe even add some lime/lemon at lower percentage that has a sour/bitter note. Or a lemonade to get that “twist”.

I know its not an amazing attempt but maybe some kind of help. Probably also not Glass but I’ve never tried it. Just going by strawberry gummy here. Just disregard it if its no help at all or you tried it already.

Edit, I’m going to “ping” @Jazzy_girl because she is the queen of gummies, in my opinion lol. Maybe she got some recommendations .


Much appreciated! The gummy bears and jelly candies, for whatever reason in my mind, have a different consistentncy or flavor from my beloved gummy worms, It might be a mental thing to me, I love gummy worms but can’t stand bears or those jelly candies like mike and ikes or Swedish fish lmao they taste hmm… like soft pencil erasers.