Glass and lid/cap vendor in EU

Hello guys

Do you know of any good online vendor for glass bottles, lids and so on in EU.
I am looking for polycones lids and also a cap I can screw onto my glass rebottled vg/pg, a cap with a pointy opening I can pour with. Sorry for that bad explanation, I dont know the name of such a cap.

Not amazon or ebay :wink:

Another thing, does a ejuice steep slower in glass? specifically a custard.

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Not at all. No difference.
(unfortunately I can’t help with the rest)


I haven’t make an order yet but it looks good.
When the link open turn to english languits.

Edit: If I remember right I haven’t order yet because you have to make an order of 100 bottles…

Ah damnit :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but price wasn’t the problem… I don’t have place to store them. :slight_smile: