Glass bottle choice?

I have finally used all my plastic 30 ml bottles and will be switching to glass for my home stash. Does it matter if I use a brown or blue?

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Yes. The blue are much prettier and you should use them. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, both will protect equally well from UV light from what I’ve read so it’s up to you.


Not imo. It’s all about price. For my home stash since it goes into a drawer I do have a bunch of clear bottles. I haven’t had any issues with them since they sit in a dark drawer.

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The brown and blue bottles protect from UV as stated by Jojo.

I recommend you keep your liquids in a cupboard anyway to avoid any contamination.

What she said!


As other have already mentioned I use only clear 30 ml glass bottles
I keep them in my humidor ( since I no longer smoke cigars or cigarettes)
and my juices are fine I like clear mainly because I can monitor the color of my juices.


Yep, I’d recommend clear bottles. I like to see the liquid and the level. I use 15ml and 30ml glass with droppers. I do have some plastic bottles, but I find the glass is working much better. Easy to sterilize too.

I’m not keen on glass as I find some tanks a bit awkward for filling up with the droppers, IMO

Yeah u need point droppers, ball droppers are a PITA, i have a good supplier with point droppers if u ever need em :+1:

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I never knew you could get different droppers, I’m quite happy with plastic bottles, but I’ll bear that in mind if I ever change my mind :grinning:

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I have blue and brown in many sizes [for tinctures, oils, stevia, etc] but I use 60ml LDPE “writer” bottles for dispensing. Soft to squeeze, small tip, and 30PG/70VG flows easily. Works/fills great on any tank/atty.