Glass caps

Check those guys out:

Found them via this post:


Hmmmm… I need one for my Mutation xlv3 . Broke mine. :frowning:
Not sure i’d like that wide bore tip though.

This one I LOVE. I may have to spring for it.:smile:


These glass drippers are pretty cool. I just ordered this one from FT for $5 to check it out. I suspect I’ll be cleaning it constantly :grimacing:

Hope I’m not bursting bubbles here but I suspect it may when in use be coated with condensation and you will not be able to see through the glass. Sincerely hope I’m wrong but I have that feeling…

My Mutation came with a glass top. YOu can see thru very well as it’s in use.
I loved mine. Wish it hadn’t got broken… :frowning:

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Well that’s good, I feared the worst after seeing a glass drip tip condensate. Perhaps with a dripper it stays plenty hot and no condensation…

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Here’s what it looked like: