Glucose flavouring

Im hoping to copy an energy drink of Mango and Lime made by Lucozade so looking for a flavour that gives a glucose taste.

Any pointers ?

A glucose taste?

Doesn’t glucose just taste sweet???


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Well yes but think about that taste you get with Lucozade

In the US we use corn to make glucose syrup and call it corn syrup. But you can’t use that in DIY liquids.

You’ll need to pick a sweetener, and there are many options there. Marshmallow, Brown Sugar, or Toasted Marshmallow flavorings, Stevia, Sucralose, or various DIY branded sweeteners. I’m sure I’m leaving something out. There’s a good sweetener discussion here

None of them that I’ve tried really taste just like sugar water (which is kinda what glucose syrup is, innit?) so your best bet may be figuring out which one is the close enough for your personal tastes.

Capellas makes a Sweet Mango, although I doubt seriously you could use enough of it to make it sweet without it blowing your brains out. It’s a strong flavor. Still, I would recommend it as your Mango…it’s really good and would contribute some to overall sweetness.

People here have convinced me to stay away from Ethyl Maltol which is a decent enough sweetener. The main reason is how it mutes flavors over time. However, most Mango and Lime flavors could stand a little muting, so in this case perhaps it wouldn’t hurt if you’re not planning to sell and only use for personal enjoyment.

I’ve never had the drink you’re referring to but if I were to venture a guess on starting % and vendors, I would do this and adjust to taste -

Sweet Mango (CAP) 3%
Lime (FLV) 0.5% (this is so strong if you are even a touch too much it will overpower your liquid)
Marshmallow (TPA) start at 2%, if not sweet enough 3, then 4%. If still not sweet enough…
Ethyl Maltol 10% solution - 2% up to 5%

There is also Sucralose. TPA calls it Sweetener. Capellas sells it and calls it Super Sweet. Either of them would probably be a little better to use than EM. Good luck!

Capella’s Super Sweet also contains citric acid and sodium citrate which is supposed to make sweet and sour flavors pop.

Thanks for the replies Gents.
I know what you mean about lime. I have used sparingly in other juices and it still dictates over the others
As for sucralose I have some of that. yet to use it but have it just in case.
I do understand Glucose is a sweetener. Maybe its not that what im looking for. For those who dont know Lucozade its a an energy drink that was produced at least 40 years ago long before red bulls. Its for aiding recovery when you were ill or run down and now recently replenishment for Athletes.

do you use PG? I find that my 70+% PG liquids can be cloying, I switch to more VG if that occurs.Blueberry Cotton Candy and Jamaican Rum (both TPA or Flavor West, not sure, not going downstairs hehe) are wicked sweet flavors. I suppose the BB can be omitted and you end up with just CC.

Still, i maintain that PG is sweet. Ive actually been wanting to check my blood sugar after 15ml in a couple of hours sometime.

PG no higher than 30% for me

A bit late on an answer, but I’ve only just joined the forum. You can get Juicyade concentrate which is basically Lucozade from I’ve had some and it is very similar. you could maybe add you flavours to that. There’s a Tizer (if you’re not British that will probably mean nothing to you) one that I quite like too.

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