Glutened-out by my vape / silly mistake #10001

Ok, so I’ve been plagued by gluten sensitivity for at least this past decade, and i appear to be sensitve to the tiniest trace of gluten. (and corn , and…i won’t bore you with the list) . So you’d think I’d be all out of silly mistakes by now, hmm? (at least wrt gluten)

That said, I do take the odd deliberate risk (I call it “living”). I 've been vaping “baked bread” for example, though I can’t quite believe that can really be gluten-free …and it’s kinda horrible, what’s more… I mean, it keeps overwhelming my attemptts at making a cucumber sandwich vape (you can’t imagine how much a body craves a cucumber sandwich , after years and years without bread, cos even that “free from” bread has other nasty stuff in it) with something that somehow tastes less and less like bread the more I vape it. …

So , anyway, it was no great surprise when I started getting those all-too-familiar symptoms, and I couldn’t connect them with anything I’d eaten. My attention turned to my vape juice , like it would, and…oh damn. oh hell! . oh, how stupid am i? I suddenly recalled that I’d taken up that idea of soaking my coils in vodka to clean them, without first checking what Vodka is made from?

Yeah, it’s most often made from wheat, isn’t it? With corn as the next-most -poular base ingredient. It looks like i was just plain lucky with the first bottle I bought for that purpose. But then my son found it at the back of the cupboard , and finished it off, and I wasn’t so lucky with the next.

So now I’ve got rid of every damned coil that _might have been soaked in Vodka , thoroughly cleaned all my tanks, then thoroughtly cleaned em again, just to be sure, bought a bottle of potato vodka, at distressing expense from Amazon, and hey! I can actually vape that Baked Bread without coming to harm. Woot! I mean good- ish . I mean :neutral_face: or maybe Blehhhhh. Or something like that .

But hey! this all happened before Christmas , not during. So there’s something to be truly grateful for :laughing:


What a bummer, keep diligent my friend. It seems like you know what you have to do, just muster up the willpower to do it! I have been trying to explain toxins to these silly humans, but they won’t listen, just be diligent and remove all traces of those compounds that your body does not tolerate.
Whatever you do, safe to vape but don’t drink the e-juice :nauseated_face:


Thanks, Cosmic Truth :rofl:
I’ve just had a great idea (my head teems with 'em)
Why don’t I decant my potato Vodka into a bottle labelled “Coil Cleaner” and stick warning triangles all over it? .that should make sure that nobody snaffles it this time, shouldn’t it?

Hmm. I dunno. I shall sit on that idea for while, and give myself time to realise why that’s yet another damned silly idea., great though it seems right now.

Anyway, that Vodka bottle is a really pretty one. :slight_smile:


@jay210 I have one word …Polish Potato Vodka You.are.welcome :wink:
I mean giving up the Gluten is one thing, but… let’s keep it real


That’s six words.
But just to be clear, i don’t drink vodka at all. If I did, I might not have been so silly.
Vodka’s s’posed to be good as a coil cleaner cos it’s alcoholic and relatively tasteless.


yeah you should be able to buy a pint bottle. Potato Vodka is not uncommon, so should be easy to pick up (in pint size I mean)

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Have you considered using Isopropyl Alcohol? That’s what I use.


Hrm. Despite the details of symptoms left out, pg is the jug you need to drink before going for a butt probe at the Dr.
No clue if it has the same “effect” when turned into steam.

Condolences too, I have different issues that makes me limit flavored juice.


Oh man, I feel for you. My daughter had a moderate gluten allergy that was diagnosed at about 2 1/2 years of age.She would cry and feel horrible after about every meal. Just a bite of bread would make her nose run like a faucet and then she would get cold like symptoms that sometimes would turn into sinus infections.

When we first found out, the gluten free revolution was kind of just taking off so we had to really be aware and do a lot of detective work to make sure there weren’t any gluten containing ingredients. It was almost like a full time job making sure we didn’t give her gluten.

I don’t drink alcohol either, and sometimes get vodka from friends to clean parts. The better brands seem to leave less of an aftertaste.


Vodka storage cabinet:
Then get those mini vodka bottles and inflate the price to like $20 each. Your profit margin will be high enough to buy real PGA to use for your coils!