Goblin Mini by Youde - Review

I never actually purchased an original Goblin or Goblin V2 when they hit the vape scene. I might have to revisit that thought now that I’ve tried the Goblin Mini (hereafter: GM). Quick shout out to Origin Vape for getting the GM in my hands as soon as they hit the shelves; great customer service and quick shipping.

I’m really liking the GM. The stealthy size of this tank is great for keeping things low profile when needed. Youde did a good job with the machine work; nice smooth threading throughout. They also added a nice touch in being able to use their supplied glass drip tip or your own drip tips using the supplied drip tip adapter. Youde also did the owner a huge favor and supplied them a bag of spare o-rings, screws, glass drip tip and glass tank. Can’t beat that for thinking ahead!

The juice channels are very ample and easy to lay in your cotton. I used a butterfly cut (last picture below) on each tip of the wick to allow for more juice flow room in the juice channel. The other tail of the wick was packed in and around the coils once the chimney was put in place. The deck is spacious; no issues with the installation of coils. One nice feature concerning the GM, is the ability to install dual or single coils. Youde supplies a “plug” for the side of the deck without a coil; closing off airflow and juice channels. Brilliant.

Airflow to the coils is top notch; with an adjustable lever at the bottom of the GM, superb for lung hit and mouth to lung vapers alike. Flavor from the GM is great due to the reduced chamber; just about like vaping a dripper.

This is a bottom fill atomizer. Some folks take offense to this; me, not so much. The fill hole is small, but with care, you can use a glass dropper to fill the atty. The GM holds 3ml of juice; not an all day tank, but hey, not a big deal in my book.

Would I recommend this purchase? Yep. Would I go out and buy another if I lost it? Yep.

About the only con I have to give the GM is the fact there is a bit of condensation which builds up on the top of your device; due primarily to the airflow holes being at the bottom of the atomizer. With this, I can deal.


Awww man…I’m gonna have to get one aren’t I? I was already planning on a Goblin, but I like the look of the mini! Oh, why must you torment me with your decisions!! Screw it, I’ll get the authentic mini and goblin clone. :stuck_out_tongue: Now off to mortgage my soul for new toys…


Nice! It looks so small! :smiley: So …mini :laughing:


well done very nice piece!!!

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A few days ago I got hold of the new mini RTA, the YOUDE GOBLIN mini, as one of the 100 reviewers chosen by the company for testing the 2 new RTAs: GOBLIN mini and GOLIATH V2


The review’s purpose is to isolate the positives and negative and give our feedback. I already emailed my impressions to the company with the suggestions for making the mini better.
This RTA is a tiny piece of vape art for its category (dual coil/single coil, subohm, big air holes) It’s dimensions are 28.6 mm height excluding the 1 cm drip tip and the 510 and it’s a 22 mm diameter atty. It’s capacity reaches 3ml due to its small deck.


A jewel box with silver letters and a scratch & check sticker includes:
The Goblin mini
A spare pyrex tank
A spare pyrex drip tip
A spare juice screw
A spare coil screw
Spare orings for the tank and other parts (6)
A single coil adapter
510 drip tip adapter


As it’s Goblins little brother, its philosophy is well known and can be found also at other Youde’s model. The pyrex tanks and the orings are the same as Goliath’s V2. But Goblin’s unique characteristic is its air feeding system. Youde may patent this system.
The atty is made by 304 stainless steel and pyrex glass. Both the tank and the drip will be sold separately as spare parts in 4 colors.
The metallic base has 4 screws for dual coil setup. The outer ones are positioned below, the inner ones are positioned higher. Each coil is attached to the left outer screw and the right inner screw.


For a single coil setup we put the single coil adapter in the position of the second coil. The silicone of the adapter seals the second coil’s air and juice holes.
The wire isn’t attached to the screws but positioned at the hole below the screws. Using a Philips screwdriver the screws secure the wire, even if it’s a thin one (0.20mm diameter)


Under each coil there is an airhole U shaped, 9.22 mm when fully open. The air feeding system is as I mentioned unique. At the bottom of the base there are the airholes. Under the atty there is a pendulum air ring. By turning it to the left it minimizes the air. By turning right it maximizes the air. For lung inhale the air holes must remain 50-100% open. For mouth inhale I suggest 100% closed. Even if fully closed it doesn’t seal the air entrance. On the contrary, the inhale remains more “airy” than a Kayfun’s. Of course there is no need to unscrew the atty to regulate the air. There is an extension that can be reached with our nail at the lower side of the GM


4 holes at the base take care of the juice feeding. Each is 4mm diameter. There are 2 for each coil.
When setting the atty, take care not to put the coil too high or too low or very close to the metallic parts. This way the coils have a satisfactory air feeding and doesn’t make contact with the base or the cap.
The cotton coil now: There are canals leading to the juice holes. Like erlkonigin’s. During my first setup I put cotton to the canals and covered also the holes with it. The cotton was visible after I put the cup. I had a marvelous vape. I continued to have a marvelous vape when I detached the second coil and replaced it with the single coil adapter.


But when I changed the single coil with another one, I tasted burn!!! I stopped taste burn when I cut the cotton coil short and left free the juice holes and part of the canal – like I setup my erl.
Vaping remained fabulous since then.

The tank is assembled with orings. There is one oring at the base, one at the atty’s cap with the attached chimney. The chimney screws to the base cape securing the whole atty and the orings seal the tank.
The juice fill is a headache. Bottom fill like a kayfun but with a lively screw that can be easily dropped and a flat screw, when the coil screws are Philips.


Finally, the atty has its own drip tip with a wide inner diameter but also a 510 drip adapter for using a narrower drip when vaping with a single coil.


It’s a dual purpose atty. 65% a lung inhale dual coil subohm multi wattage atty, 35% a mouth inhale single coil low ohm lower wattage atty.
With big juice and air holes and a wide drip tip it can certainly show it’s subohm character. It’s a cloud chaser atty, but not a contest cloud chaser. 25watts with a 0.7 ohm 0.2mm based dual coil for me. For a thicker wire user 40watt can be used. But don’t overdo it with the coil. The GM’s base is narrow, a wide coil cannot be used.


The securing of the wire is very practical, especially for thick wires. No need to attach the wire to the screw. Just position it inside the hole under the screw. Much more easier to handle than a delta 2 with a same philosophy system.
With my setup ( 6X2mm with a 0.2mm wire dual coil) I had throat hit, clouds and fine taste at 17-18 watts. Even at 15W the atty works good. The wire is positioned near the screws, so the final ohms will be a bit lower than usual.
But as a traditional vaper who doesn’t especially appreciates lung inhale or dual coils or high wattage I quickly changed to a single coil mouth inhale setup.


1.5 omh, closed air holes, my 510 drip tip, the single coil adapter and voila the second face of the goblin mini… This is an atty that simulates a mouth inhale atty. A very good vaping but too airy inhales still. And wattage good at 10W, better between 12-13


Overall good taste and throat hit, mini clouds but airy anyway.
Not leakage anyway.



A beauty.
Pyrex tank and drip. Thick pyrex
Taste, clouds, throat hit above average
Double personality. Can function with both single and dual coils, low and high vattage, sub and low omh.
Reasonable juice consumption
Regulated air
No leakage
Excelent juice capacity
Spare tank and drip tip for free
Small size comparing to other RTAs, especially subohm ones.
Color tanks/drips available
Very practical coil securing build, especially for thick wires.
Smart single coil adapter

The construction quality is a step below the European standards. Comparing the GM with the German/Russian kayfun, the Austrian erl and the Greek Eviva I am very careful how I use it. Its screws seem fragile next to the above mentioned RTAs. The air hole handle also looks fragile. Take care not to damage it, it lost its align once. Not to be unfair, their prices are not comparable, overall, even if the mini won’t last long comparing to them, its annual usage cost will remain the same because it’s much more affordable.
Its base is narrow. This improves its capacity but makes it more difficult to work conveniently. Needs a good eye (or glasses) and a woman’s hand. Very manly fingers will probably face a degree of difficulty.
Please take care when disassembling the GM. It unscrews from the top but it’s the base that falls apart from the tank first. When wet with glycerine it may easily fell and break. Remember that the tank is glass.
Also take care with the fill screw. It’s small, slides like it were alive and can be lost. It’s flat head needs a different screwdriver than the screw inside.
SS 304 instead of 316, but not required something more from an affordable atty.
If you are not a lung inhale vaper, you’ll notice that GM isn’t a native mouth inhale atty. Even with a different drip and the airholes closed it remains a little bit more “airy” than needed.
Vapers with a taste for small RTAs and aesthetic ones.
Ladies vapers
Lung inhalers who also vape with mouth inhale
Mouth inhalers who need a lung inhale atty but without the big size.
Vapers who like “airy” inhale


Finally, I enjoy this smaller than smaller RTA. I hope I’ll vape with it for a long time. I’ll even be tempted to subohm vape more than occasionally. Thanks to YOUDE. 100 review samples show a serious business.
The Goblin mini page at Youde is

PG. I just found the coupon UDGM Here with a discount price of $20.99 instead of 29.90

From a previous buy, I remember that the discount price appears only while checking out, after you put the coupon.


Just wanted to add to this review from my own experience.

I picked up this tank recently when ordering a eVic VT Mini. As it turns out, this is a great little combination. And you’re exactly right @Jimk, the flavor is excellent. I’m running dual coil Titanium 26ga wire. I can’t see going much larger using dual Ti builds - maybe 24 would work - simply because I don’t think there’s enough space to fit enough spaced wire to get ohms high enough to fire. But let me just say that with the dual 26ga I have built running at 500F in Temperature Control mode, the flavor is just fantastic! I don’t suppose it would be realistic to expect huge clouds with this thing in TC mode, but with Kanthal I could see where one may get some fairly voluminous vapor production. That’s not what I love about this though.

Aside from just having a bitchin’ look to it, the Goblin Mini paired with the eVic VT Mini is perfect. In my big hands it feels almost dainty, which is probably why I was so surprised with how well this rig vapes. However, the mod itself does not have the slightest fragile feel to it which also surprises seeing it has the magnet door for the battery bay. It feels solid as a rock.

Don’t expect this to replace any all day vaporizer/tank combo. It won’t. With dual coils in TC mode (wattage too I would imagine) that 3 ml of juice is gone before you know it. So the bottom fill through the screw hole would be cumbersome at best if out on the town, etc. But the flavor production is way too good for it to be just a bathroom rig either. After 2 days I’m still trying to find exactly where this set up fits into my rotation. In the meantime I’m vaping it a ton, and loving it. Oh and one more thing. If you do have or get these pieces and run them like I do, expect to replace that battery about every tank and a half. Downside? Not for me. Easiest battery replacement ever and I have a whole bunch of 18650’s charged at all times :slight_smile:

And for size comparison -


I use mine a lot for vaping NET liquids. Seeing as how it’s a fairly easy tank to rebuild, I’m kinda forced to rebuild after about 2 tanks worth of NET (coil gunk). I look at the G mini as a pleasure tank, rather than a working tank; brandy snifter rather than a 40 oz beer can. :wink:


Exactly! I do too. I’ve been going between the TF-R2 build on the xCube, the Plume Veil on the eVic VT and the Goblin Mini on the VT mini. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the GMini owns flavor. And I’m like you Jim…that little bottom fill screw isn’t a deal breaker although I would love to have a different fill method. The one thing that I’m not feeling is the 510 dripper adapter. It’s kind of loose but I’ll find a way to fix that. Likely with a different o-ring. For now though I’m rocking the little glass dripper and let me tell you folks, if you want something that’s pure flavor get this thing. It’s cheap, easy to build (super easy) but flavor is a serious standout.


Linkie poo for you!:wink:


Wow. That’s a lot of work for a drip tip! :smiley:

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Inorite! Thus, the reason they’re $25.

They’re pretty though!:wink:


That’s awesome. Very similar to how I want to get my new hobby going making drip tips out of briar wood.

My favorite drip tip I own is acrylic though. Stays cool and is so comfortable. Guys around here get like $25 a piece for them, but that’s probably not unreasonable considering the work that goes into making them.


That’s actually a pretty amazing price, considering the work that’s gone into it!


I used to make a lot of pen blanks out of feathers cast in a resign and turned on my lathe. They would make some cool drip tips.


That is utterly beautiful.


Got a mini for 3 month now and i love it go to tank. the only thing is you will cut yourself opening it holding the airflow … you will