Goblin Mini Fans - Good price on custom acrylic drip tip

Any Goblin Mini fan know the major drawback aside from bottom fill is the drip tip. You may have also seen the acrylic tips for these tanks from Lightning Vapes for $25. They either stopped making them or stay sold out. I just bought this but not received it yet. When it arrives I’ll offer my thoughts but for $15 thought I’d go ahead and share. This seller has several nice items.


$15 - $25 for a drip tip??? Y’alls fancy! Θ ̨Θƪ

When you have one you’ll appreciate it. These things take time to make. Here’s a video of one being made. It’s fifteen minutes long and has to be at least 4x speed, so $15 - $25 for something that takes an hour to make seems like a cheap price to me.


Very cool to watch!

BTW I looked on the reviews on their site. Looks like they don’t stock anything, you have to custom order.

“we make them by hand so give us a call and tell us the specs u need and we will make it and ship it out”

$25/hr is a bargain for custom work. (I still think it’s fancy, but I’m a simple dude ;))

Lol i was just looking at tge goblin mini. I like tge looks and tge design. Does anyone have one ? And if you do how do you like it ? And my big part. How is the airflow ?

Yes, I do have the goblin mini. Airflow is good. Without taking a hit, drawing from the wide-open TFV4 and the Goblin Mini, the GM is only slightly more restrictive. Everything about it is made to maximize it’s abilities in the smallest form factor possible. Hence the air flow holes through the bottom of the base, the low profile top, everything. For flavor I have not had anything better, it rocks flavor like nothing else.

With the GM you get two really good thing (no, 3).

Great looks
Small size
Tons of flavor, especially with dual coils

To get that, you have to put up with

A funky drip tip design. Stock drip tip is fine though.
Chronic spitback
3ml Juice capacity (some other great tanks have smaller)
Bottom fill through screw hole

Sounds almost like a pain in the ass, I know. But did I mention it has tons of flavor?

Me too for the most part. But I’m not getting it for its looks, that is just a bonus. No, that thick acrylic is the best, coolest (least hot :wink:) tip I’ve ever had and will address an issue I have the the GM. It’s stock drip tip is not a 510, it’s larger. Go figure. I don’t like it. But they include an adapter so you can use your 510’s. Problem is they won’t stay in. They just fall off. I won’t be losing an expensive drip tip over that issue!

I have one and I love it![quote=“SthrnMixer, post:6, topic:35454”]
A funky drip tip design. Stock drip tip is fine though. Chronic spitback3ml Juice capacity (some other great tanks have smaller)Bottom fill through screw hole
[/quote]That is all true but it is still the best tank I have when it comes down to flavour. So I’m with @SthrnMixer on this one. I’m broke at the moment or I would have ordered another one already.

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Got mine in today. I had already cleaned the tank top to rid of any juice in the drip tip connector. So when I put the new tip in everything was dry and a perfect snug fit. Looks nice and stays cool.


Sweet! I will be buying a bunch of these!

I love mine. And one benefit I’ve never mentioned is that when you go to refill you simply turn it upside down and set on the drip tip on your table. It provides a sturdy base being as wide as it is.

Don’t spend too much money on these though bud, you know when something better comes along, the things we buy and stop using tend to sit there and laugh at us for spending money on them in the first place :slight_smile: I got plenty of that - sound like an Evening at The Improv round here.

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True that. I always get something new. And then the rest just sit around. I got a goblin mini a few days ago. And ive been rocking it. Great little atty. But it don’t hold a lot of juice, kina a con for me. Other then that. Its a great little atty.

But even with it’s small size I am getting a killer vape from mine and it doesn’t seem to be going through a lot of juice. So the small tank doesn’t bother me at all.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. But my Goblin is going to be in use for quite some time regardless. I still use my other tanks. And I like the Goblin better. It’s a perfict fit and look on my iPV D2…


That does look the business!! Great choice with the green kit there. :facepunch: cyber fist pump


And also I’m amazed at what just a couple of little vape bands can do for the looks of the tank. People ask me all the time what that is and where they can get one.


Don’t get me wrong. I love my little goblin. And it looks good on my wismec. And i have used it everyday sense i got it. And i just filled it up with ringling’s amazing turtle dove. Yummy stuff

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I actually bought all 4 colors. They all look good against the black. So I am going to order 4 drip tips to match each color. I will probably be buying 3 more Goblin Mini’s too :blush:


For all the uk vapers here, I just bought a new drip-tip for my Goblin Mini that actually fits between the top and the inside chimney, meaning there is no way it can drop out and disapear under the fridge!!! :anguished:

They are made by ‘Drip Tips by Big’, and this one cost me £11, well worth the money considering the fate of my original tip, which actually got crushed sliding out the fridge!!! :sob:

The new acrylic tip is fantastic.


I like this. And I “liked” it too. SthrnMixer likes this :slight_smile:

Ive got 3 of these drip tips, 4 Goblin Minis, and 1 Goblin mini v2.
I love the GM, obviously, with the Billow v2 running a close second (I own 3).
The ebay drip tips are beautiful and really adds to the GM being a great vape.
BUT the guy making them kinda needs to pay a bit more attention to detail, and it would certainly help if he had mating parts to check his work.
Of the 3 tips I own of his, NONE of the lathed parts sit perfectly on the top cap, they sit a little off to one side. I can fit a business card under my fav one, and the others are quite similar, but maybe not to such an extreme. I cant imagine how a lathe would do this, so it must be his lapping technique (or lack there of) of cleaning it up at the base. Being the perfectionist that I am, this drives me a little nutty, so I intend to try and level the bottom out, eventually.
The 3rd one was a 1/4"(the others 3/8") in height, but the anti wobble inner sleeve is obviously the length of the 3/8 and 1/2" models…so that means I must fix this $20 drip tip or send it back. I will likely take this to work and have a lathe operator help me out, or lap the hell out of it on a surface plate w some sand paper(which im just not feelin).

These will not work on the GMv2, it now accepts a standard 510 on the top cap, only now they use a heat sink adapter to fit the glass drip tip, so there isnt really an issue anymore. The v2 works just as well, has top fill, and the tank is kinda similar now to the billow v2 in how the tank pieces come together.
But I must say GM v1 with these drip tips is a much nicer vape, so I dont think I will be getting many more v2s.

Great drip tips…I just wish he did his own QA with mating parts before sending them out.

Worth $20? In the current state, NO, Id be more comfortable paying $12 and fixing his work, and $20 if he gets his shit together…but all things considered, still a great drip tip, im glad I bought them…too bad Lightning Vapes stopped carrying them…but I suspect its the same guy, LV probably just tired of the “issues”.