Going for a XO - Brazilian Caipirinha remix

I’m going for a nice Brazilian Caipirinha profile, when I tried the only eliquid I found with that profile it was a huge alcohol punch with a little background of brown sugar, lemon and lime.

I know I can improve on that!

I’ve got the sugar, lemon and lime part covered.
However I’m “lost” with the booze aroma.
I’ve asked the original manufacturer for some hints and they said they worked with a flavourist to create the alcoholic flavor “by hand”, not relying on specific branded aromas.
I know for a fact that there are some companies making alcoholic beverages aromas but when looking for them I don’t know what to choose.

After viewing the DIYORDIE Noted youtube episode about booze, was hoping for some more info on alcoholic “power”, but they dispersed a bit and passed the rhum and tequilla part very fast :frowning:

So my journey was:
A couple years back I tried a Spiced Rhum (maybe FA or TPA?) and it was not good because of the spiced part, would give a bit of an off note to the mix.
On that time I also tried a Tequilla aroma from a company called Mr. Motard, who are the portuguese/spanish branch of the french company A&E. That aroma was perfect and then it just disapeared from the markets.
Now I’ve tried FA Jaggerbomb and FA Gin but those are very subtle on the alcohol.
Will now try Atmos Labs Vodka (greek company that sells to Portugal) and some Tequilla or Rhum that doesn’t have the spiced part but would like some feedback from you guys on aromas accessible in Europe with a big alcoholic punch so I can work this out.

Thanks in advance!

Image for reference, the ejuice pictured was sold only in 2014 World Cup and stopped after that.


Sounds like a tough one to crack. Primarily because it’s not a common alcohol flavor (in a worldwide sense). Many flavor manufacturers do the traditional Rum, whiskey, etc… But I have never seen the one mentioned below as a SF.

Which led to

Hopefully someone can suggest a bit more detail as to the profile of the alcohol itself.


The Cachaça profile is simple, it is extracted from the sugar cane and then destiled in a similar way Rum (and Tequilla) is made.
So I would imagine it is kind of “alcohol plus sugar”, to translate into vaping.
Therefore I’m basically looking for a simple and powerful alcohol flavor that doesn’t have much more to it.
I’ve just ordered INW Jamaican Rum because the feedback I have is that it has that kind of punch… lets see in a few days.
More inputs please? :slight_smile:


since it’s from distilled sugar cane, Maybe rock sugar and alcohol? http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/13085


Nice one!
Is that an alcoholic flavor?
Never used HS aromas before but if it’s available at chefs uk I may give it a try.

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Unfortunately, no. That’s just rock sugar flavor. Goes nice with black tea, though.

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oh ok. So no, I’ll not be using that for now :wink:
But I’ll be mixing this soon, first try will be with INW Jamaican Rum.
For the lime part: 2% FW Lemonade, 1% Cap Lime and 0,5% Cap Lemon Lime
For the sugar feel: 1% TPA Sweetener + 1% FA Marshmallow (or maybe malted milk)
For the grained ice: 1% koolada
But this is just in my head and all percentages will be revised when mixing :smiley:

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I’d be looking for a white rum flavor (which is alcohol from sugar cane too)
The brown rums (like the jamaican rum flavors) are mixed with spices, caramel and other stuff. The white version should be just the alcohol part.


MF Rum might work well too. It is definitely expensive but it is a white rum type flavoring that you won’t need much of.


yep that’s it, too bad I can’t find any around here :frowning:

If it is worth it, I don’t really mind the price… but I don’t know MF as a company.
I know MFS (My Freedom Smoke), MFO (Medicine Flower Organic), NF (Nature’s Flavors), RF (Real Flavors) and TF (Taste Flavor Company). Was it a typo? Or can you get me a link to where I can order that one?

So I’ve got my flavors back, and now I’ve tested the Rum and Vodka flavors and this is my opinion from them:

  • INW Jamaican Rum: This is probably one of the aromas Inawera changed a year ago because it tastes nothing like rum. It smells and tastes like a Halls Honey+Lemon candy. Strong on the honey, a little mint and a lemony hint in the background and sweetness all around.

  • Atmos Labs Vodka: This is the most exact vodka aroma I’ve ever tested, maybe because it’s the only one (lol) but also because it’s very acurate. Smells like a good vodka, not the cheap ones and tastes like that too.

Regarding the intended recipe this means I can’t use any separately but I can use both and take advantage of them each on it’s own way.
This is what I have so far steeping but I already know I’ll make some changes:

Vodka (Atmos Labs) 1%
Lemon Lime (CAP) 2%
Lemonade (Natural) (FW) 2%
Lime (CAP) 1,50%
Jamaican Rum (INAWERA) 0,50%
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 1%
Koolada 10% (TPA) 1%

Vodka gives it the alcoholic “touch” but I think 1% might be too low.
Lime stone, although I might do less on the lemonade and more on the lime (0,5% each maybe)
The sweetener blends great with the rum to make the brown sugar emulation and not gunk any coils
And the koolada gives it the fresh background on the exhale, although I might add some FW Extreme Ice for the inhale too.

Let’s wait and see where this goes in a few days :wink:

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MF is Medicine Flower


Oh yeah sorry, I do know it, didn’t know they had a rum flavor.
It’s this one right? https://www.rawliving.eu/rum-flavoured-extract-1-2-oz.html
If so… 21 pounds for 15ml is freaking too much, however if it’s as concentrated as you say, it will be worth it.


MFO is incorrect. delete it from your memory banks. :wink:

Medicine Flower is normally abbreviated MF.


That is the one and I’ve have never used it above .5. If you find the rest of your alcohol flavors aren’t working or are missing something, give it shot.


Cachaça … reminds me of chakachas

ahahah nice one!!! I love that style of music, the disco and old school funk and all…
But doesn’t have much in common with the drink itself, think Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque or in a more electronic mood DJ Marky, those are all brazillian and very good musicians :wink:


Coollll… ive heard the names and probably am familiar with some of their sounds but i’ll have to check them out more, thanks!

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if you want good reference music from Brasil hear/watch this https://vimeo.com/26149178

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Hello again!
Work caught up, then vacations came up and now I’m here ready to try again.
Got some tests running and while I can’t get any White Rum flavor over here, the most similar I can get is VT Light Rum (or maybe Gold Rum), which should have enough “punch” for my goal.
And while that doesn’t arrive, we’ll be mixing with what we have.
[EDIT] Gold Rum has a smell and taste more like a white wine, not so much alcoholic. Will get back to it on the Spanish Sangria recipe :wink: And VT Light Rum is not available at Chefs :frowning:

So yeah the recipe got changed a bit and the percentages work better together now.
FW Extreme Ice doesn’t work in this recipe because of the specific flavor it has. Gives this some pretty nasty off-notes. But WS-23 works a lot better, the back freshness is gone and now there’s freshness all through the mix.

To me it seems to be pretty damn close to the real thing now, at least in the first 5 days, after that the alcoholic punch fades away leaving it with a lighter rum/cachaça taste, although my wife loves it that way so we’ll be calling it a finished mix from now on, not an XO remix but my own creation :wink:

1 to 2 days steep.