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Going To Italy


Going to Italy on vacation in a couple of weeks. I’ve been told that’s the birthplace of vaping. Any suggestions? I’ll probably try some local mixes when I’m there.



I read somewhere that a little Chinese man invented the first vape. Maybe he lives in Italy tho. :roll_eyes:



Was there while deployed in the military. No vapes back then but it’s a nice place depending on which part you visit.



I was in northern Italy last summer and I didn’t see much going on there to be honest. I’ve seen a vape shop but that was it. And we didn’t really look, it was only a week and we spent a lot of time in the mountains. Sub-ohming bigger clouds attracted quite a few looks so it didn’t really look like the motherland of vaping to me.
They’re selling low THC weed in shops now but we were more after their bacon and cheese and olive oil. Food wise one of the best spots I’ve ever visited.



Helpful tips on traveling with vape gear

-liIon batts need to be in your carry on and out of your mods. Of course in plastic cases.
-use 60ml bottles for your juice and place the bottles in a ziplock bag
-please don’t even try to stealth vape anywhere on the plane. I know you know but an actor just got busted on a plane for vaping in the bathroom and set off an alarm.
-it’s best is you have any sub tanks or RTAs that they be empty.

As far as Italy goes, from what I have heard, they make some of the finest mechanical tube mods. I would definitely seek out some of the better known and quality mod makers.



Flavour art is from italy, @Duffy5 . They have their flagship store you could visit in milan if you’re planning to go there and have some free time. They have courses on diy and you could ask about mixing or diy there.
Also have lots of flavors not available at the US.



If you do buy there, declare it as food flavorings at custom, I guess? It’s actually the truth too



This was my assumption as well …( HON LIK )

Note : after further research it appears in 1963 an American invented the first vape type system Herbert Something , the modern day vape was Hon Lik of China …



Yep, That is exactly where he lives.



I heard he’s fighting in the Italian Judicial system for the copyright to pasta.



I’m a Vaper from Italy (rigorously in BF)
Delicious naturally extracted tobacco ejuice: La Tabaccheria, Blendfeel, Tabacchifico 3.0. Azhad elisirs, The Vaping Gentleman Club, Angolo della Guancia, Dreamods, Vapor cave, Artemisia, Officine svapo

We are fighting for the copyright for pasta or spaghetti but we should fight also for Pizza, tiramisu, Cappuccino, parmigiano, Nduja, pesto, speck, mozzarella, chianti, cannoli etc etc etc and here I stop because I could fill ten pages… in conclusion, the most delicious things khow all over the world but … what can i say… we are Italians



And now I’m hungry …lol … Welcome to the forum.



Ciao Duffy5, I’m a Vaper from Italy,
If you like tobacco ejuice you should try this -made in Italy- naturally extracted tobacco: La Tabaccheria, Blendfeel, Tabacchifico 3.0. Azhad elisirs, The Vaping Gentleman Club, Angolo della Guancia, Dreamods, Vapor cave, Artemisia, Officine svapo

if you try (eliquids) you’ll never come back



thanks fidalgo_vapes
prepare a classic pasta -aglio olio e peperoncino. :wink:



Quite agree with @Bad_Influence , not much going on over here, as you all know I’m a brit living in Italy (even if I’m in Victoria-Canada now) and if you look at the ELR map looks like I’m the only mixer in the country… :rofl:

We all know that modern vaping is thanks to Hon Lik and the RY4 legend is the birth of it all, but credit must be given to quite a few extremely good atomizers and hand crafted mods (and very expensive,) made in Italy…

Liquid/flavour wise, the brands mentioned by @Max49 and FA are good, mainly NETs with atrocious steeping times… (Vapor Cave’s are good after 6 months and better after a year- I’ll be dead by then…) so if you get the chance to go to a vape shop and you like tobaccos, don’t miss on buying any of the brands mentioned (my suggestions are La Tabaccheria, Vapor Cave, Azhad any of them ) you’ll go back home with something rare and worth it.

After that If you’ll need any suggestion on mixing and percentages, you know I stick around here a lot… :+1:



If you try making your own Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids, you may never spend your money on purchasing those vendors products again! :wink: It is crazy simple to do and it will costs you roughly €15 to €20 to make 1000ml of finished eliquid. Plus, you get to choose the tobacco used, be able to reproduce your favorite NET, be self sufficient, and have fun in the process. :hugs:



you’re right.
I agree with you
Step by step I’m starting to understand the right method to extract tobacco. There are various methods, more or less fast and with better or worse results. What is your method?


NET ~ What’s your method?

Oh Sh!t, I hope you’re ready to go down that rabbit hole… (meant in jest)



Hi Iv3shf
La Tabaccheria, Blendfeel, Tabacchifico 3.0. Azhad elisirs, Angolo della Guancia, Dreamods, Artemisia, are nearly shakes and vape, a steeping of 36 hours and are ready to vape



I’m ready
i’m ready
I was born ready :wink:

there are however many tutorials on youtube and especially an Italian vaper called Alkemikosvapo that explains some interesting methods to extract the aroma from the leaves of tobacco and not only tobacco. He speaks Italian but you can still understand thanks to the clear images.
look down