Goliath V2

That’s a very thoughtful gesture. We aren’t pulling the trigger on anything right away because we want to research as much as we can. Vape supplies multiply like rabbits. I found this cool link though

Of course, just let me know what you decide. :slight_smile:

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I’m now looking for a tank that I can use the top-part on plus a very big and strong guy to carry the mod able to fire the bloody thing. :laughing:


Laura just realized I have a spool of 26g SS wire I haven’t used, would you like me to throw it in?

We have a fair amount of wire. Thank you for the offer!

So we received the goliath v2, courtesy of @Silhouette
Im just struggling with breaking in the cotton. This is a slick looking tank tho!

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I got to this conversation checking feedbacks about Goliath and Goblin. I got both of these tanks, and the Theorem, very very cheap and had them in my shelf for months. I took the Goliath and Goblin out and tried some builds but I have to admit that I need to learn to build small. I tried a couple of coils and didn’t find the spot. Perhaps is because I started vaping with big RDA decks and coils. My respect to the vapers with more experience and years vaping than me. It is so easy to refill and rebuild with new tanks. I’m not sure I could handle these two tanks when I started vaping. At least I would have thought to buy a pack every time I had to refill.

Anyway, maybe I just need to play with these two a little more but I’m not sure I will try to much. They look great and lean I have to say.

Also it could just be that I prefer direct lung and more open airflow design too.