Goliath V2

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I am thinking about pulling the trigger on this tank. I would like suggestions for a suitable regulated mod to pair it with.

From which vendor are you purchasing the Goliath V2? Perhaps folks can give you options on a mod depending on what that vendor has in stock. :wink:

I can tell you, if purchasing the Goliath V2…purchasing one of these is a splendid idea:


This tool really comes in handy when breaking away the base from the tank. :wink:


Oh boy yes. And not only for the Goliath!

Plus, the pointy ends are pretty useful, too :smiley:

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A Yihi SX mini ml class would work very well. Has a 22mm 510. The most wonderful chipset/firmware on the market. Would have decent battery life with the supplied .5Ω coil. Built like a tank.


I dont want to sound pretentious but can I ask why the Goliath v2? This is an older tank and there are much better options in the current market. I’m not saying it’s a bad tank but the advancements in deck and post designs have really moved since last year.

A preliminary study of cost and quality intrigued me…
Im open to ideas… Your recommendation is very welcome! Share! :kiss:

We got a pair with our coil terminator kit! It has all the goodies for rebuilding :slight_smile:

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That’s an awesome kit! :wink: However, the tool I was referring to is more like a pipe wrench for your atomizer. Sometimes the base of an atomizer is very difficult to separate from the tank (i.e. Goliath V2), due to the lack of knurling on the metal (slippery). So, you put the base of the atomizer in the round portion of the tool and squeeze down on the tweezers part. While holding the tank firmly, you unscrew the base with that tool. :grinning: It is an absolute must for me to have one of those tools for a few atomizers which I own.

I still use my Goliath V1 and V2 all the time… they are oldies but goodies! :sunglasses: I particularly like the V2 'cause of the single coil option insert.


With vaping todays treasure is tomorrow junk. So i am happy to get something a bit “older” because i know the kinks have been worked out.
I didnt realize they were different. Thanks for the clarification.

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How much do you want to spend? Do you prefer wattage or temp control? What power/temp level do you vape at?

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Lol, In this industry by the time a product hits the shelves it’s old news. I have some “old” tanks that are wonderful. I have to say I am seeing a lot of advancements that I appreciate in tanks but do they really deliver that much more flavor… maybe, kinda, sometimes. Mods kill me in this industry. The hype. The wiz-bang feature list. And of course the glossed over specs. Amazing the junk one can drag home. Having said that, it’s amazing the quality some manufacturers produce. Keeps the hobby interesting for sure!


Yup… a simple single wrap 1ohm coil, residing in a 2 to 5 year old atomizer, sitting on a mech mod with a fresh battery enclosed is refreshing at times. :sunglasses:


Around 100 dollars for both tanks. 160-200 for both mods ( need 2 of them) grand total of about 300 dollars.
We vape at temp control with rebuildables
We max out the temp at 600 F /50 to 70 watts. Currently we only have two different gauges of stainless steel wire.

Here are a few suggestions. I limited the searches to US vendors. If you are OK with ordering from China you can add them to the selection by clicking the China button and the search button. These are just a few off the top of my head. I have used all of these and had great results.



I have never heard of any of these! There is a couple that peak my interest. Much obliged sir!

You are welcome. There are alot of youtube reviews for these items if you want to get a better feel for them.

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@Laura5 @Kinnikinnick Started reading this post because of Goliath v2. I still use mine also. I even use my v1 at times.think you will like it. Also, it is reasonably priced. Be careful not to get overwhelmed with all the different products, you could easily get discouraged and end up getting something you won’t like.

  • In life as in vaping, I always go with my first instinct.

Laura, no no no. Before you buy it, I have a Goliath V2 Still in its box with all the spares. If you give me your info, I will send it to you. No need to spend money on something when I have one I can give ya. I only used it twice. Let me know if you would like it.


Plus, if you don’t like it, then no money wasted.


ill buy older things as well if i know they work and the deal is good, im always late when it come s to buying mods or tanks anyway so this year last year all the same to me

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