Gonna buy a subohm tank that can blow Happy Birthday to ME! yeehaa

Hey y’all, I have narrowed it down to

Tfv12 prince or the uwell valarian. any thoughts?

OK so I decided on the Prince and my Mom and one of my sisters and her son (my nephew) got me one of theses


sometimes I am so loved… Unless they got it as a bribe… hmmm…

Thanks for the input peeps. Love y’all Peace Love and Happiness.


I have two Princes and I love them. I don’t have the Valarian so I’ll let others comment there. One note on the Prince is that you need to make sure to never vape to a dry tank. I always keep my tank at least quarter full. On some of the different coils the liquid channels to feed the cotton are fairly high up on the coil. Go too far down and you will get a burnt hit.


i didnt like it , but for clouds i guess it would dona good job , im not a high watt vapor and since its not a great performer unless its up in the 90 plus zone it was not for me , the post things it comes with also are worth nothing i didnt experiance any change



I’ve been a fan of the tfv series. The only disappointment I have with the tfv12 line Is the premade coils have a tendency to leak…

Most recent example. Friend bought a smok stick when he got out of jail…

It has the tfv12 big baby beast tank on it as soon as he put juice in it it started flooding…
told him most likely it a bad coil from the factory…

Local vape shops response. Nope juice is to thin , dumped juice out and put 100% vg in the tank and told him coil was good.
Friend pointed out his girlfriend had same mod and it didn’t leak
Local vape shops response girlfriends coil is bad because it should be leaking, offered to sell him a new coil for his girlfriends mod…

Needless to say don’t recommend that shop anymore. Got a new coil from another shop mod no longer leaked thou we did go thru 2 coils at other shop but only had to pay for 1…

Okay funny story out of the way… even with the coils tendency to leak I still would recommend this tank to friends with the warning of be careful were you get your coils from make sure they stand behind what they sell.

I usually vape @120w. When using the tfv tanks… and in all three prefer the 8 coil Coils when using premade coils.

Edit : in picture left to right

Tfv12 cloud beast king

Did have the big baby beast. But gave it away recently to help someone with a broken tank stay off cigs


WOW. That’s just… Wow. /smh

Talk about counting on your customers being completely stupid. The employee should be insta-fired and the manager written up (for hiring such a dumbass).


I’ve got a Prince…it’s the cloudiest tank I own and flavour is gooood!


I think I’m channeling you. I just bought 2 Stick Princes, waiting for them. I’m getting really sick of chasing this next new best mod madness with the higher amp, higher power blah blah blah… (that wont make me popular with the high tech mod crew)

I’ve had really good luck with the IPV TC mod and the Uwell Crown tanks I’ve been using but I’ve had 2 of my other mods in the last 6 months just suddenly out of the blue start firing on their own or fail. This stick mod is supposed to be pretty reliable. I will let you guys know.


My friend has a valerian. I vape on it whenever i can. 95 watts. Short draw produces a big cloud and good flavor. BUT i noticed it is very juicy. Almost like the tank is flooding, at that high of a wattage, strikes me as odd.


Oh ya, I decided on the stick prince because it was only $5.oo more than just the tank.



i love the smok sticks , i had the smok plus kit a few actually , vape 22 pen not that great , the v8 stick anyway Happy birthday enjoy that , if you like the sticks one just came out that you can control the wattage ( i forgot who made it )

note : uwell nanchaku is the stick you can control the wattage , not sure i spelled nanchaku

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Vape shops down here say they cant keep them on the shelf.

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Happy Birthday petal! :tada::tada::tada:

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This is a good example of how hard I am on my rard ware. I Had this less than four hours when I dropped and broke the only glass they provide.

image So I had to get a new one and it was proving to be a pain in the arse to find one. I did finally find it here http://stores.ebay.com/certifiededeals/
this seller has all kinds of glass and coils, even for older stuff. After I hit enter and sent my payment, it was barely 10 min later when he had it shipped.


I feel your pain. Bought a new coil for my tfv8 last night. Installed it this morning and filled up the tank. Then went to work… less than 30 minutes later it fell over on the tile … all day no vape for me… just took the spare glass out of the truck yesterday and left my dripper at home … or so I thought…

Got home reached for my pregnant peach vape and there in my case was my dripper…

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