Good afternoon!

I quit heroin just 3 weeks before my 21 birthday after 4 years of abusing it. That’s 38 years ago, I’ve never looked back.

Got some acid and typical junky that I was I started using it almost daily for a while. (stupid :woman_facepalming:)

After a while I would see the wall move slightly but that would be all.
Moved on to grass. Fortunately I don’t like alcohol, if I had drunk the way I smoked dope… :cold_sweat:


Well that’s plenty long enough for your dopamine levels to return to normal again at least :dog:

Worst part of it: that even when the crawling beetles in your joints, the insomnia and the cold/hot flushes of withdrawal have all finally gone, you still end up feeling like only 1% of the overall person you were before you stopped taking opiates :confounded:

And I’ve never liked drinking either: the hangover is way too immediate and way too pronounced for the few hours of intoxication and the intoxication makes you too well, dim-witted to concentrate on anything that requires intelligent thinking :dizzy_face:

I honestly don’t know how alcoholics get to be alcoholics… it’s like they’re not aware that there are better drugs to be on so continue with the cheapest, nastiest crap that’s readily available…


I’m late to the party but welcome @Guido_Possum I think you’ll feel right at home here :wink:


Welcome to ELR Jason.


Greetings from NZ @Guido_Possum - welcome aboard! :+1:


Welcome to ELR @Guido_Possum :call_me_hand:


Jason, welcome. I’ve very new to this community and have found the folks here to be friendly and helpful. Regulations are changing everywhere and not in our favor. Like you, I have been stocking up on supplies the past couple of weeks. Being an old guy, I hope that a 5 year supply of gear (clearo’s, mods and batteries) and a couple year supply of ingredients will be prudent.

Wishing you lots of fun (and good information) in this community.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Thank you!

I’m pretty good at making myself at home most places :smirk:


Good job keeping the welcome as dry as dirt.

Well done :wink:


Afternoon @Brotherbob!

I’ve a premonition there’ll be a boost in people joining ove the next couple months as our various fucking idiot politicians implement their impositions on the vaping industry: every country in the western world seems to have some variant of brain-dead horseshit they’re rolling-out, so more people will be starting DIY out of necessity and joining whatever DIY forums/sites pop up in their searches and get their attention.


I should really be smoking until October when our ban on nicotine importation starts instead of ordering vaping supplies then vaping them up beforehand, because I’m cutting into the stash obviously.

But if I were not vaping anyway I wouldn’t be inclined to bother ordering anything, since I’d be happily smoking while smirking at all the suckers with their vaping bans about to happen.

But I am, so I am and cannot smirk at suckers with their vaporizers because I am a sucker with a vaporizer again and ther ban will piss me off equally.



Hey i had just come back from dentist and my entire bottom jaw was all numbed up :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Seriously tho, this is an awesome place to be. I used to breed Sugar Gliders which are cousin to opossums, SG’s look very similar to your profile pic.


Kamara, hope you are healing from the trip to the dentist. Over the past 4 years, I’ve had to have LOTS of dental work done in order to get partial dentures (including some major oral surgery which really sucked). I always hated that completely numb feeling…especially when it included unfelt drool and the inability to speak clearly for a few hours post procedure. Have a great weekend.


Thank you Cary!!! It wasn’t fun I know that. Went to bed feeling numb (they had to give me extra numbing stuff and I was numb from my ear down to most of my mouth). Dentist is trying to save a tooth without having to get a root canal, will know in a few weeks if what he did was enough. Jaw is a bit sore opening but all is good!!



Well better than root canal, I guess.


You got that right!!! Here’s to hoping I don’t need one.