Good afternoon!

I am Jason, though I’ve try to maintain the Guido Possum online avatar for consistency and because he is in fact a real Possum I named while having my midlife crisis camping in the national park like a feral a few years ago.

I never bother with introductions because they’re generally superfluous but for you, I will make an exception and here we are.

Being Australian we’ll be facing new laws making the import of nicotine illegal in October this year and so I am going to make regular orders until then to stock-up (best as I can anyhow) on nicotine, hardware and flavouring which I’ve stated doing already with another order of flavourings arriving earlier today (this order adding soft-serve vanilla ice-cream, milky marshmallows, creme brulee, arab blend tobacco, maple waffles, majestic mango, cafe arabica plus four 10mL bottles of sucralose sweetener to a very small stash of nearly depleted TFA flavors), so since I’m planning to start mixing anyway figured I might add well kick it off by actually joining with a new account - opposed to just lurking for an undetermined amount of time first.

So there you go.

It’s raining today and I’m about to change to new cotton for the second time already since recieving the new flavours - wanting to try 'em out - and I’m already sick of doing this, but don’t want the grayness of the last flavour messing-up each new one I try :roll_eyes:

Dessert liquids are my favorite of course though I don’t mind a bit of tobacco as a base long as it stays at the back of the room and shuts up.



Welcome Jason! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help here. We’re all pretty friendly and willing to help.


Welcome and thank you for joining …


Welcome to the club!


Welcome @Guido_Possum :wave:


Cheers, Harley-Jesus dood!


Thank ya! :blush:


Occasionally, reddit is actually dead enough to warrant venturing out to find other forums :roll_eyes:


Welcome @Guido_Possum

I got confused by your statement.
It’s raining here too (Amsterdam).
I thought you were talking about your clothes, mine were soaked when I came back from the park with the :dog2:
Then you started talking bout flavours :laughing:


Top of tha mornin to ya @Guido_Possum


I have always had dogs: they’re pretty good value.

Well, ‘always had dogs’ until the last dog died: suddenly I started warming to the idea that I never have to go out and walk in the rain again…

Ten years later, I …don’t even like the idea of having to feed a goldfish anymore and haven’t had a pet in all that time :sunglasses:


I should just say one thanks to everyone huh, but I’m feeling sociable today so thank you!


Good morning!


HI @Guido_Possum welcome to ELR, good place here


Hi back at ya @Gus6 :slight_smile:


Sounds dandy to me too, were it not for the fact that I would end up spending the rest of my life in bed, depression is a bitch.

So I have another bitch in the house to force me to get my shit together :sweat_smile:


I keep thinking about how I wouldn’t mind another pet too, but then I think “hmmmm” :smirk:


I have another bitch in the house to force me to get my shit together :sweat_smile:

How can you be depressed on Amsterdam??

Meant to be the land of liberally minded stoners and progressively healthy thinking! :thinking:

Oh and tulips growing everywhere like common lawn grass.

And those little windmill houses…


Meant to be yeah. We can still buy grass and I certainly do but for the rest… curfew, not more than one person in the house in a single day, the list of BS is endless.

Unfortunately I was raised by parents who weren’t liberally minded or stoners and they fucked me up :grin:

I wasn’t living in Amsterdam when I got my first depression.
I moved here for the drugs, heroin at the time. Not anymore, just grass.


Heroin, yeah that’s not a very clever drug to be enthusiastic about :smirk:

I injected that - along with speed and even tried an acid trip one morning after several nights without sleep once - when I was around 20 or 21.

Me and a mate would go on weekend trips to Sydney and act like degenerates for a few days at a time.

Fortunately, we always agreed not to stay longer than 3 days at a time and on day three we’d force ourselves to get back in the car and drive the several hours back to the bush where we lived.

We’d check the shits and threaten to kill one another and everything while the withdrawals were fresh, but after only a few days injecting the shit we weren’t habitually using so it was really only tense for a day or two before we’d calm down and go back to being happy just smoking cones again.

Dangerously lovely drug group though, opiates.