Good Cotton Candy Base?

I’ve been trying over and over for weeks now to land a good cotton candy base and I’ve used both cotton candy circus TPA, and Cotton Candy TPA. I didn’t like cotton candy circus at all, it had a strange taste and flavor and I tried percentages between .5-8% and there was never a good taste for me. The closest I’ve got to a good tasting Cotton Candy was just using Cotton Candy TPA at 10% and 2-3% Sweetener. I tried adding small amounts of TPAs Marshmallow and/or Whipped Cream and they all tasted funny in the mix at .2% up to 2% mixed in.

I’m just looking to find a good cotton candy base so I can build on it with grape/Blueberry/etc but I need to get the base down first!!

Any suggestions are HIGHLY HIGHLY appreciated.

Thank you,



Personally, I like FW’s Cotton Candy because to me, it represents a cleaner and more forward cotton candy. I like mixing it with Vanilla and Meringue when I’m in the mood for cotton candy.


Thanks for that tip! I haven’t tried FW yet but I’m going to get an order started. Any % preferences that you’re willing to share?

Much appreciated! Thank you.


I use FW CC at 3% and 1% for FA Vanilla and TFA Meringue, sometimes I add some sweet and tart or FW Hard Candy and other candies as well. Also, FW Blueberry CC is good as well.


Not to disagree with you @Beaufort_Batches cos I do like FW’s cotton candy and I like their blueberry cotton candy as well. @Vape_Juice_Recipes I think that most of the cotton candies out there are derived from Ethyl Maltol - EM and this brings about that distinction in taste where LA’s is actually a flavor molecule made up to represent cotton candy how much is it different that lies with the user as taste is subject but I think it’s a worthy note to bring up.

  • read down past the review on the link and it tells you that the flavor is different.

I’ve never tried LA’s CC, ordering it now, don’t know why I haven’t yet. Thanks much.