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Good Deals 2018!


I’ll say! I have vaping to thank for that, too. I really didn’t have a good reason to think metric until I started vaping. Now, it makes complete and total sense.


WOW, dass good! :crazy_face: good.


Thx, I think I started catching on when I saw other China vendors with Labor Day sales.


@muth, I was actually gifted that Kanger mod, and it surprised me. Thanks @Molly_Mcghee


10% off already cheap stuff at FT.
order your replacement subohm coils
And forget about it, till month later get surprise in mail


Damn, I just bought the Anita. Might have to break my own rule and get one of these. Who am I kidding, there are no rules!


Ya, I want one for sure.


More bargain bins!


Coils for days… ty FT


23 coils. And a rba . For $39 (around $1.60 a coil)
Free shipping
Take that all day…


CODE: SHOPMOD15 Was: $39.95
NOW: $33.96

They are having a sale on all mods and batteries 15% off using the code above


@Lolly @Steampugs @woftam @bluenose63 @R113


After 24 hours this will become a permanent code for 10% off all orders.


Cheers put an order in I wasn’t planning…Can’t resist a 20% discount…





The most disturbing part of that picture is the toes in between the toes…ughhh lol shudder


My experience was definitely less than fabulous.

I ordered one of the sale items posted here a few weeks ago & did not jump on these other deals because of it.

Website took my order using credit card. Heard nothing for almost a week. Called - they couldn’t fill. But happy to fill the full-price items! Supposedly, they were trying to get in touch, but there was no evidence of that.

Asked for a freebie thrown in – no other cheap item I asked for that I had a use for – would only send a 0 Nic juice.

Aggravating, as I’ve not a problem with other online vendors.


looking for a cheap mod…here is one

on sale now for 9.99



$17 after shipping… need a free shipping coupon. Then it would be a killer deal !!

Or spend $50 and get auto free shipping…

*maybe order 5 cov’s 200w ! Haha