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Good Deals 2018!


Today’s bounty. All rubbed down and ready to be vacuum sealed. It’s a Beauty Ogre Day!!!


Had trouble getting to $50 myself…

These are good deals & good to have as backups:
$ 8.99

$ 19.99

Also, I just love tiny RDAs (for flavour): $ 2.99

No pressure - just options


Ogre, did you mean to put this in Good Deals? If so, then when the heck can I get mine and what’s the discount rate. PS, I’m going to need free shipping on that, stat. :grinning:



Oh heck ya! $5.49/lb for short loin? Had them cut to 1" Porterhouse. The “filet minion” portion on some of them is up to 1/3 of the porterhouse. All you need to do is drop by Taylor Michigan on your way home from work and snag one.


Code: “whynot”


Permanent Coupon code for - https://flavour-boss.co.uk :tada:





What are VT flavors? Not sure I’ve heard of them?


Vape train (vta) but bullcity calls it VT lol


That’s what happens when you take a break… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Makes ya wonder what else snuck in under the radar while you were “on vacation” doesn’t it!?!? lol :hugs:

That’ll learn ya!
Up and wander off on us will she…
:crazy_face: LMAO :crazy_face: :wink:

Not that I want her to think she’s been missed or anything…


So, not so much a deal as a completion task for 20% off your next order at Liquid Barn. FDA is taking comments on flavorings before they start to mess around with a ban on flavors. I’ve already submitted mine. Take a look at the bottom, if you screenshot your comment to the FDA and send to LB you can get a 20% discount code towards your next purchase.


VT Flavour Concentrates Sale!
My e-mail alert. FYI
Take 20% off of all VTConcentrates with the coupon code VTSPRING. Sale starts now and continues through Sunday, May 6.


VT Flavour Concentrates Sale!
Take 20% off of all VT
Concentrates with the coupon code VTSPRING.
Sale starts now and continues through Sunday, May 6.

Bull City Flavors - Best Prices on Flavoring​


How could I not with it being May The Fourth and all…



Royal Hunter RDA by Council of Vapor | 22mm Rebuildable Atomizer $1 each


Ohhhh, no, no, no. I didn’t take any break. I’ve quietly been watching everything from my padded room :wink:



Modefined Prism 250w TC Box Mod $26.99

coupon code “deals10”


After a recent review (very recent) by our renowned Pugsley I found this. 3 days left at pre-order price.


One ordered. Great price if you sign in