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Good Deals 2018!


Maybe some good deals?

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Thx, LM, but I’m looking for the Luxotic NC.

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Poifect! I need some flavors.



Do they sell enclosures?

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Yes, I think there has been a change. I assume this was with the first Vandy chip? I hope so, anyway. I can wait.

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I want to know immediately about the French Toast! :crazy_face: I must know!

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You’re right about that! Sometimes it’s wiser to wait and not get sucked into the hype.

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Speaking of finding things…Most vendors are out of stock of an older item I’m looking for. I miraculously found it on a website called Vapeyaya. Has anyone heard of it?




Good deal for a Battlestar

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Memorial Day Sales Thread 2018

Made I last night and been vaping it all day



You made it last night and…!!! Do you have to rub it in? I just bought 50 mls of the “regular” stuff. Now I’m miffed. @SessionDrummer did you hear this? Did you get some, too? Grrr…humph… :angry:

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Well you said you wanted to know immediately

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Got mine yesterday. Haven’t mixed it yet, but the smell! Ohhhh the smell. Delicious!






@muth @tartarusspawn I did pick up a single of the Black Label French Toast on that free sale thingie. I haven’t let it steep yet, but fresh mixed, is VERY good. I’m sure it’s going to mesh/meld as it steeps a little, but just OUTTA the bottle, I totally pick up a buttery, bready mix with some egg in it, and following up I get a dash of maple syrup and lastly a smidge of cinnamon. I have 30ml steeping now, so I’ll keep updating. I’m quite sure the Black Label Vanilla is in there, but I don’t get it as a stand alone note, which is good, as it’s nicely blended, and tucked in there. Will update this.



@SessionDrummer could you tell me if there is a REAL difference between the the Black Label French Toast and the SC version (not the French Toast V2 which imho was a dud)…?



@CallMeTut YES there is a REAL difference. I just went back into the mixing cave and compared the original RF SC French Toast v.1 to the Black Label. First thing is the v.1 is much darker, the black label is a nice amber color. I was a huge fan of the v.1 and when comparing the black label there is an immediate buttery bakery-ness that you get from the BL. This is evident when smelling the two flavor bottles side by side.

I agree that the v.2 FT was terrible, BUT what I did get from it was more bread and egg which I felt was missing from the v.1. The BL has that and then some.

I will be buying a few more 10ml bottles of the BL just to have on hand, and if you liked the v.1 SC, you should probably love the BL version. Worth trying it out.



Hi, I’ve been on that site before looking for something that no-one else had at the time. It was a good price as well but as I’m in the uk the postage charge/time made it :-1:
I also wondered how legit they were.



Yesterday it kinda went thru a heat steep sitting in truck while at work…
80 degrees with all 4 windows up.

Still tastes good

Don’t know how to describe the color. So pealed the label back… I’ll probablt be ordering another 50ml of this.

Also I think you’ve been telling me to try French toast… this defiantly was a good one for me to try first.



@tartarusspawn Which French Toast is that ^^^ in the pic, the original v.1 or the new Black Label ?

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