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Good Deals 2018!


Bargain bin! $5

I like this pod system from @Vaptio_official . They sent me one from a contest and I been using it for about 2 months now . Comes with 2 pods. Each one lasted me about a month. I put a 12mg nic juice in mine. I carry it inside work when my big mods and setups meant for clouds and flavor are not appropriate.
I slip it in my front pocket and its slim and sleek. And the red and black version look really good. Battery life is decent . Prolly about 70 to 100 puffs per Charge.
I only need about 5 pulls with the high nic juice and I’m satisfied for a hour . Love having this for my back up / discreet mod .
Great deal for $5 … idk how much shipping will be. I would pay up to 15 - 20 US for this cflat kit. Ty @Vaptio_official for sending me mine.



Mine! @Vaptio_official



thanks you like it,your honest vaping experience is really helpful for us,i also use c flat in my hand:smile:



Nice call. I just ordered two for 14.17 including shipping. Thanks for the heads up.



How are you liking the Anita? I was looking at that. My friend won one in a vendor giveaway.



$30!!! I want it, too. I remember seeing it for the first time in stabilized wood and thinking, “Oh well, I can dream.” This is still a sexy mod not in wood :grin:

Edit: Now that I see they have a xx700 version (Baby Ness), hmm…I’ve been making it a point to buy xx700 mods these days. Still, so tempting.

PS: Not that this will change your mind but it doesn’t come updated so you might need to do that; some folks had issues with ohms readings and such. Also, don’t lose that usb cord. It has a very recessed usb port which regular usb cords won’t fit. The pin has to be extra long.



I was looking at this, too, but didn’t want to pay $80. Thank you, Rose. Such a deal! :wink:: :+1:



Oh, ffs, I just bought 50mls of French Toast. Now they come out with a “special” French Toast? :sob:



Love it! It’s very lightweight (all plastic) and it’s reading 316L coils in TC mode with no problems. The only negative I can say about it is that it doesn’t come with a spare squonk bottle. Other than that it’s a great mod.

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Thanks, LM. I use 316L a lot, so good to know. Any idea what chip is in there? Probably something proprietary, ey? I’m also looking at the Vandy Vape Pulse 80W with the Vandy chip. In the end, there’s really not much difference between the Vandy and the Gene, afterall.



I’m afraid I couldn’t find any info on the Anita chip. On the surface, the Anita has an extra 20W more than the Pulse but having never tried the Pulse, I wouldn’t know how much better/worse it is. I have heard good things about the Vandy chip though.

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Thanks for looking LM, much appreciated :smile:

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I’m in the market for a Wismec Luxotic NC. Kit or not. If you perchance come across a good price in your travels I sure would appreciate it. :bowing_woman:

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According to the review of DJLsb Vapes the TC in the Pulse 80 is pretty much non-functional. He was however one of the very first to review it, so perhaps they have fixed the problem in the meantime - or perhaps they haven’t?



Good deals are not always a low price. This is a somewhat hard to get item!



according to vapecrawler, the cheapest Luxotic is:



Health Cabins Memorial day sale! US customers get 20% off! Check out the link here!!








I just caught a few minutes of it but that must be what Skiddz was showing off last night on the show.

Forgot to quote:


http://www.vapinart.com/cart/mobile/The-Venom-Atty-by-DnV-P4704.aspx 12
Good deals are not always a low price. This is a somewhat hard to get item!

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