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Good news! Official response from VGOD!

Great news! I just received an email from VGOD. It seems that VGOD was trying to take a stand against HARDWARE clones and not e-liquid clones, and the company they’re working with had mistakenly put ELR on the list…


oh well…now I feel bad… :confused:


Good to see that they have done the right thing and reacted in a proper and personal manner. Happy to read this for sure and will also be more than happy to help them fix their facebook rating in case they are gonna work on getting that back up again.

Faith in VGOD has been restored!


@woftam 's vgod will never be :rofl:


Perhaps I should but I don’t… Before you start sending threats you need to make sure you are after the right people!
I will forgive them but I don’t feel bad as I gave them enough time to straighten out before I posted anything negative .That being said the boycott is over .


Wouldn’t it be good for us all to have a second chance :slight_smile:

Use a suboptimal contractor, destroy your reputation in a day.
The terrible law of the internet mob.

Filtering the simply aggressive comments, I have learned that their products are overpriced and their juices expensive and over-sweet.


Glad they have reached out to you Lars and put this to rest.
If they reinstated their reviews on fb i will gladly remove my review of them.
However i still won’t buy their overpriced shit. :+1:


I am not sure i do, a bit mixed feelings about that. Such letters should not just be send out that likely. While it might not be easy to fix the facebook ratings, we can do the right thing and try if they reopen. I hope this will be a lesson learned for VGOD/Yellow Brand Protection as well as us as a community, so we maybe next time give the company a chance to explain themselves :slight_smile:


Well that is great news I wonder if it would be the same news if they didn’t get the kick in the pants (i would hope so but hmmmm). Totally worth 1 vgod mech if it had anything at all to do with the result


Great news @daath i will see if i can change my rating from 1​:star2: to 2 as i still think there gear is over priced. I haven’t been on elr for long but i tell ya what i was getting passionate about this threat. Long live ELR :beers:


Why is everybody so quick to apologise to VGOD.
If I start robbing a bank at gunpoint and decide half way through that I’d rather not because I found the banknote I thought I had lost in my pocket, I’d still go to jail (and rightly so by most accounts)

If you threaten someone and then retract, you are still a not nice person, whether the threats were direct or through a third party! Just because it is company+legal service company does not change this fact.

If there is anything more coming your way, I would suggest suspending all reseller accounts that source VGOD branded product as we cannot be sure that they are genuine and VGOD seems to have an overly broad approach to trademark protection.


And miss out on all that fun !!! I haven’t reviewed that much stuff since Al Gore created the internet!:crazy_face:

Good point !

@Steampugs you are in charge of the go fund me for woftam !


I see they have removed all negative comments from their posts on fb, of which there were many. :roll_eyes:


Good and sensible response.
Can understand the stance with regards to hardware and the company representing them should have shown due diligence before their scattergun approach.


Will be more than happy to chip in!


It’s sucks that they have sent out letters of intent to do whatever. I’m just glad that ELR and and daath are going to remain. I can’t see myself going back on Facebook.


This is really great news so far as you don’t need any new head aches. What strikes me though is that it’s not an apology, it’s passing the buck and acting like they’re doing you a favor. I highly doubt they would be sending even this much of a retraction if half the vaper-net hadn’t pummeled them. I don’t feel bad one little bit.


Fairly incompetent aren’t they???
There again, they have been subcontracted, couldn’t expect them to know much… :rofl::rofl:
At least XL Vape noticed it… and amend it.


Me neither. It I am glad they have retracted the complaint and understand why they seek to stop companies from cloning their gear.

It was interesting to see how fast they removed ratings from Facebook after hitting 1.5 :star:️ and how many comments they removed. I guess they didn’t like when I asked for a clone of their juice. Lol.


I saw that, lol. And I’ll never forget the troll comment on the post below yours, Vgod vibe 200. It vanished before I could screen cap it.