Good peach flavors or Soda Flavors

I know peach tends to be hard to work with and right now i have juicy peach. im not impressed so far. could anyone suggest any other peach flavors or flavors to be used in combination to bring it out? im also looking for flavor suggestions for soda flavors or to make flavors taste like soda. i noticed using sour can make the flavor taste prickly like carbonation and im really loving that. Thank you for all suggestions.


I am NOT a RF SC fan, but, their Peach is OUTSTANDING !!! Tastes like a fresh juicy yellow Peach.


+1 for Peach (SC) (Real Flavors)!

It gets the job done very well.

If you really want an amazing Peach:

White Peach (MF) 1%
Peach RFSC 2%

That is all you need. However, if you start collecting Medicine Flower, grab their Nectarine and Mandarin(some prefer the Orange but i haven’t tried that one).

Toss those in around 0.3% Nectarine, 0.6% Mandarin to complement the Peaches like a boss.

Then, you can add Soda Base RFSC at 1.5-2% and make it really sing

That Soda Base is another that fits your needs for a little bit of fizz and a touch of sweetness. Great at 2% added to anything you want to make into a Soda.

This is one of my favirites, you don’t need the Ethyl Maltol or Burnt Sugar:


Could Orange Juice (WF) help this? I have it but don’t use it enough…or with peach to be familiar.


I like my peach like this atm…

1.2% Peach FLV
.8% Mango FLV
.6% Lychee FLV

and I like to add .12% Ice -FLV :slight_smile:

sometimes I might pop a bit of raspberry or basil in… Yummers!! <3


Ginger (Hangsen) at low percentages (0.5-1.0%)brings a great effervescent “feel” to my tongue. I don’t normally try to make soda-type juices, but it works for me when I’m trying to get that sparkle in a fruit based juice.


I worked on a peach recipe awhile back and we used a bunch of different flavours to help peach the results were pretty good. We could not use MF or RF as per the rules but White Peach (MF) 1%
Peach RFSC 2% is a good combo although I use at a smidge lower.
This was the competition entry

Peaches Beaches TFV vs DIYDU

Ingredient %
Apricot (Armenia, Albicocca) (FA) 0.50
Nectarine (Flavorah) 0.30
Peach, White (FA) 3.25
Pear (FA) 0.25
Red Raspberry (Flavorah) 0.20
Royal Orange Juice (FA) 0.25
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) 0.50

Flavor total: 5.25%


Im curious why you weren’t allowes to use RFSC or MF ???


It was a comp and those flavours are a bit harder to get in Sth Africa


Well that shldnt be your problem lol, gotta be abke to take advantage of those things :wink:


It can definitely go lower, this is probably the highest I’d take it for a full vivid experience. I mixed this up last night at 2%/1%, just to verify my recommendation and the SnV test is totally amazing. A ray of delicious Peachy Sunshine!

Edit, next mornin check: definitely needs time to steep.

Edit, later in the mornin: turns out i had a weird break-in time when i rewicked. Must have fingered up the cotton, because it was tasty again by the end of the tank. Still needs to steep, but no off notes.


One of my favorite peach recipes uses CAP, FA & FLV flavors.


Tried the smidge and it is delicious. 3 weeks today. RFSC Peach 1.95% MF WP 0.75%. It does taste more refined. Thanks for the tip! (That 1.95% was supposed to be 1.8, overpoured, d’oh!)


Might want to try this, if you have the flavors…
Spiced Peach Sparkling Lemonade can make even the pixies fly! Good for that midnight vape you crave after dark


Is it ironic that I made a mt dew sweet lightning which is a peach mt dew flavor :smiley:


dunno DJ… but I had to put ice in mine… running hot lately… wish fall would hurry it up!


I have MAJOR peach issues, too! And its so bloody annoying because I’ve got upwards of 200 flavors, and all the man in my life will vape is bloody stand alone CAP Peaches and Cream, which I just find appalling… just horrid and boozy, like a bad peach flavored bottom-shelf well vodka. Yech!

I’ll definitely get the Peach SC WF… hadn’t heard that was so good before this thread. Thank you, guys! Another thread where we were discussing peach issues, a few people (so sorry, don’t remember who) told me I absolutely HAD to get the Honey Peach by Jungle Flavors. Its in my cart, only place I’ve been able to find it in US is EcigExpress, but I’ll grab it at first opportunity, and start playing with the two.

I would just LOVE to have a peach that I can actually vape. :wink: And I’m really looking forward to handing my guy a bottle and KNOWING that he’ll love it and finally move on from the Cap P&C. lol

@DarkJester89 That Peachy Mountain Dew flavor sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for a good peachy flavor, and a good ‘bubbly’ flavor. I have the FA Wine Champagne on its way to me. Was hoping that might add a little ‘fizz’. :wink:


Oh wow, that looks amazing! I had no idea it was actually a Mt Dew flavor. :wink: I’ve got the few flavors I need on my shopping list. thanks, big!

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I’m not a big peach fan, most of the flavors I’ve tried are too ‘natural’ and for a juice, I like the artificial candy tastes. But I did find one that is really good and made me like the peach vape party again. Wonder Flavors Frog Gummy Candy (SC). It’s just like those peach rings chewy candies (and probably like peach frogs but I never had those).