Good starting order for ____ and cream

So I’ve searchd around a bit and keep getting a lot of different answers to the question.

What would be a good starting order for cream flavors? I want to do more fruit like peaches and cream or strawberrys and cream etc. I see a lot mention vanilla bean ice cream flavors. Some whipped cream. I’m not sure what I should go with.

Bonus question. Any good recommendations for good fruit flavors and maybe some brands to try with “and cream”?


Omg the list is ling and everyine has their faves and reason why …Its movie time with my kids but ill come back and list some things I like later …


I’m a fan of all SSA creams, HS cream & WF vanilla cream extra. Also use VT sweet cream often. Should mention I don’t care for heavy creams with a thick eggy type of mouthfeel. Fruit & cream pairs are nearly endless but some favorites for me are orange, lemon, lime. Like to pair up WF boysenberry raspberry and most any raspberry with yogurts and creams. Doesn’t hurt to have a good butter cream and vanilla icing on hand as well.


Flavor art cream fresh, flavor art whipped cream, flavorah cream, tfa or capella sweet cream are the ones I used for it.
As for the fruit part, any would do


I would add to the creams:
FA Vienna Creme - Sweet cream which needs 10 days steeping
FA Creme fresh - neutral cream type


CAP Sweet Cream, CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, CAP and FW Butter Cream Most Bavarian Creams…

Don’t forget that custards can be classed as creams too, and cheesecake, marshmallow and even meringue can be used to add depth and texture to creamy recipes.


Lol so I guess there are just a lot of good creams! I will have to decide what to order!

Thanks for all of the options now I’m pressed what to get.

I wonder then with so many good ones listed are there any that are known to be one of the ones to avoid? I don’t like the custards as much like lanic13 mentioned at the end of their list I think it’s like Letitia says almost to creamy in my mouth with those and overpowering. I guess I’ve also only tried commercial custard flavors though so that could be why!


Can use the custards low and with other creams @VapeGnarly333 , they just add a richer dimension to the recipe that way…


Ok cool good to know! I would get like blueberry custard and be disappointed at how it was the most minor hint of Blueberry and all custard. It was always that kind of stuff that made me want to start diy. Now I’m glad I did lol.


Any fruits depending on your tastes… but a cream… try @Alisa 's cream stone…, To me it’s kinda reminiscent of a meringue…it goes good with just about most fruity flavors… & a couple different ones together…


Oh shit! Look at you coming in with pro tips. Never thought to pre mix concentrates to make your own bottle of concentrate that you just add at your percentage of liking.

I dont like the box I sometimes think inside lol.


They’re referred to as One Shots.


I would bet that is why you dont like them , I dont care for Custards as the Main Note of a Profile but find they add another dimension bro your bakery mixes or Cheescake recipes…For me the 2 I jave been dependant on lately is FA Premium Custard and TPA VC II …

creams I have on my mixing table always are …

Fa Fresh Cream , FLV Cream , Cap Sweet Cream , WF bavarian cream , FW sweet cream , VT Buttercream frosting ? , VT Sweet Cream , FA Cream Whipped , OOO whipped cream …there are a few newer ones from SSA and WF ill have to look

I am sure there are more but off the top of my head im always grabbing these

Things that aren’t cream name but creamy lol

FA Premium Custard , TPA VC II , INW Yes we cheesecake , WF Flapper Pie , OOO Vanilla Marshmallow , OOO Vanilla custard cheesecake , FLV Marshmallow Vanilla , FLV Vanilla Pudding , LB Vanilla Ice Cream

Again this is off the top of my head , hope it helps

BTW there are at least 50 more that are great amd useful and can be used to do the same thing as others…Take TPA Vanilla Swirl it is one of the most forgotten flaves today but carried recipes for yeasr8


@St3v0 made many good creams on this. What accent do you want?


Thanks for the suggestions all! I did a little order with some of each and some Blueberry to mess with.

I guess if I had to pick a taste I was going for it would be like the cream in the orange creamsicles. Kind of sweet but mellowing maybe a little vanilla (been awhile since I’ve eaten one lmao)


Just gotta remember to test the creams as well some have a caramel taste some are vanilla dark or bright sone are just a plain cream and others have a twangy note to them …


I find Flavorah’s cream to be good for this


I’ll second @fidalgo_vapes recommendation of ooo vanilla marshmallow, just half a percent can fill in the holes in a lot of creams…ooo cream milky undertone is good, fa cream fresh, don’t underestimate tpa vanilla swirl either…it’s present in so many different recipes for a reason.

One piece of advice for testing, if you want a peaches and cream then find your peach mix first, then make several 10ml bottles of it and add a different cream to each one just to see what it does, solo testing creams is good but it never gives a very clear picture of how it will effect a mix, sometimes a cream that has little noticeable flavor solo will walk all over any fruit you mix it with.


Very Good one …I completely forgot about that one…


@VapeGnarly333 you can’t go wrong with @Letitia 's ^^^^^.

People’s definition of “cream, creamy, creaminess” can vary wildly, and as I think you MIGHT have surmised, some do better in bakeries/custards, and others do well with fruit(s). One that is often overlooked, and can work very well with fruits is FA Vienna Cream, although I’m not sure about pairing it with peaches.