Good tobacco concentrates? UK

Not really a fan of fruity/sweet e liquids, would prefer to mix the flavours I do have with tobacco and just experiment, cheers

From which UK vendor do you typically purchase flavors/concentrates? I could take a look at their offerings and recommend some choices, if they carry any of the tobaccos which I’ve used in the past.

What’s your favorite tobacco profile?


I pretty much like ALL the tobacco’s out there, they’re all pretty amazing, burley, latakia, perique, cigar kinds, I buy all my concentrates from Darkstarvapor,

I’ve seen flavourart and Bestcigeliquid sell concentrates, but I didn’t really like the bestcigeliquid ready made liquids, my U.S supplier of N.E.T’s is Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco (amazing liquids) although the price is pretty high… including shipping! he does sell concentrates though…

My favourite tobacco is Desert Ship its very strong flavour and only needs small % when mixing and great with Caramel.
I tend to use Chefs Flavours as they have a great amount of concentrates from a lot of manufacturers and Darkstar for my Nicotine


I didn’t see much there to get excited about. I’ve never used FW or Capella tobaccos; perhaps there are others here who have used them. I have used a few TPA tobaccos which were palatable; Black Honey, Mild Black & RY4 are about the only choices there.

Do some research on Flavorah tobaccos… if you have a company in the UK that sells them, they’re worth the money (esp. the Red Burley).

You can perform the same procedure that does… right in your very own kitchen… and receive the exact same results as they do. Save your money and start doing your own extractions; you’ll thank yourself in the long run.


I think we need to call @Josephine_van_Rijn, the tobacco princess, at least from what i have heard.
I’m sure she can shed some light on tobacco concentrates in UK or elsewhere.


I’ll have to agree with @gollum2016, chef’s flavours has an excellent choice of tobacco’s from various vendors, although their choice in Inawera tobacco is limited. IMO Inawera’s black for pipe is one of their best but you’ll have to get it from Poland. The shipping fees are very reasonable though so it is worth it.
Take a look at the recourse page @Nayngnottz94, there’s a list of vendors with some discount codes.


Very true; that one is a keeper for sure.

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Even though I am primarily vaping my own creations of naturally extracted tobacco (NET) juices these days, here’s is a list of synthetic tobaccos which I would consider “keepers” in a tobacco lovers concentrate stash.

Super Concentrated ~
French Pipe
Maxx Blend
Black n Mild
Mild Seven
Seven Stars

Inawera ~
Black for Pipe
Dark for Pipe
Gold Ducat
Tobacco Garuda

Flavour Art ~
Dark Vapure
Maxx Blend

Hangsen ~
Black Label (Dijarum)
Pipe (French Pipe)
Elder Captain

Flavorah ~
Cured Tobacco
Red Burley
Kentucky Blend

But don’t take my word alone. Read the reviews and descriptions of these tobaccos prior to making a purchase; some of them may not be to your liking.

Good luck on your quest. ; )


Super concentrated? Is this Baker flavors, Vaping zone ? Thank you

Found this one online, it’s not UK, but maybe they got reasonable shipping. Maybe is something for the Muricans thats into tobacco stuff.

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Been considering ordering some of these Essens from Vapeaway to try. Not UK, but not subject to charges or VAT on import to the UK from Denmark

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“Super Concentrated” flavors are sold by a few vendors; Vaping Zone (US), Bull City Flavors (US), Juice Factory (AU) and probably a few others I don’t even know about. Most vendors list these under their “house brand” flavors.

I know that the SC flavors which VZ and JF carry are probably Baker flavors; if you do some research, you’ll see that the names of certain flavors are the same between vendors. Example:

If you’ll look down at the bottom of the Baker web page, you’ll see their tobacco offerings.

VZ carries a few of these tobaccos:

Look down the JF SC line and you’ll notice the same thing.

Some SC concentrates come from Bakers, some come from China (Xi’an group of flavor vendors).

I know Bull City Flavors buys their SC line from Vapers Tek; no clue who VT buys from.

Vendors can be pretty damned tight lipped about where they are buying their concentrates. I’ve asked a few for answers, but they just say they won’t disclose their source. The name and flavor similarities are about the only way you can tell who’s buying from who.

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Perhaps @Josephine_van_Rijn can give you some info on Vapeaway NET. :wink:…pretty sure she’s tried a couple from them.


Found this about Vapeaway from @Josephine_van_Rijn in a thread:


Thank you i had heard similar facts and was quite confused of their origins. Thank you for sharing this information. The SC are also available here in Canada at diyejuice. I find they are slightly different than VZ however. Off the ones you listed (SC) where may i ask did you order yours from? is selling them too, similar names there.

I’ve only tried the two mentioned in the thread; Noon and Bliss. They are good, nothing wrong with them but nowhere near as good as my own N.E.T :grinning:
Must have been something wrong with my tastebuds then though, cause I don’t get any citrus taste now from the Noon.

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That happens to me as well at times when I’m trying a new NET creation by my own hand. At first vape, a certain flavor will pop out; after vaping it for a couple of days or after I come back to it a week or so later… it’s not there.

Bull City Flavors… they ship to Canada and internationally now.


I been on the look out for NET Tobacco concentrates and been making my own RY4 tobaccos with them, currently using
The virginias works well with caramels and vanillas, any ideas will be great.