Good Vape News


Wow that is good news
I hope they pay a little attention to the story and play it or cite it in the coming debate with FDA


I highly doubt that anything other than a very large stack of pictures of dead presidents will get any politicians attention.News about health benefits don’t buy a home in the Hamptons.
Our health matters not to them and we don’t have the funds to buy their support.Our only hope is for the continuing health benefits stories to get attention in the main stream media.

The problem is our numbers are few , we have to gain support from non vapers as well.That IMO is our only hope for now.I am hearing stories of family doctors starting to see the benefits and even in a few cases actually recommending them.

We have to continue to call and and as @wvsanta has stated continue to send hand written letters to every one of our representatives.I also think that we must talk to anyone that will listen.We must tell our story at the water cooler at work,the bleachers at the kids ball game,the rotary club meetings and so on.We must increase the pressure on politicians by having more people question them on why they are for putting stricter regulations on a much safer alternative.

We have to get the public to understand this isn’t about safety , it is all about the Benjamins!