Good video for the skeptics

Nice video to send to skeptics :wink:


Here! Here! 6 mins of complete sense. How come the FDA or the TPD gang havn’t tried to bury this? Here in Norway they run adverts for Nicorette (nicotine sprays/gum/patches) but don’t permit sales of e-juice containing nicotine. They should be showing this as well.

There is a part 2 showing users stories that I think is worth a watch as well.

I recognise ‘my story’ in most of these cases


Thanks @daath very interesting, and tends to put things into perspective a little more.
I have shared it with the New Zealand Advocacy group as well.


hehe first thing I did was share it with the Danish advocacy group :smiley:


That’s about all you can do, I’ve also popped it up on my facebook page.
Just one step at a time. :smile::dash::dash::dash:

Where their safety lies relative to not using anything, is much harder to place

Obviously only inhaling oxygen is the best way to decrease the probability of any disease.

Inhaling a vapor many times a day, for decades, is unlikely to come without some sort of adverse effect and time will tell what that will be but from the smokers perspective it is a far better bet than carrying on smoking tobacco.

This, is the exact message that I try to convey to smokers, it sums up vaping beautifully IMO.

Great find @daath :+1:


If you want a longer version and more dramatic music: