Google Duplex: Lets talk about Ethics

This is supposed to release this summer, but I see pros/cons with it, what say you?


One more reason for “government to create a law”.

I could easily see how this could be extremely useful in things such as language training (subtle dialect differences, etc), or assistance for the hearing impaired, or speech rehabilitation, etc…

But, the cynic in me knows that it’ll only be a matter of time before some scumbag repurposes the technology for “something less than benefiting humanity”.


They already use this technology in a basic form to make robocalls. Also because I stopped accepting out of state calls the telemarketers began spoofing my local prefix. Now my strategy is that if I do not recognise the number I send a text message that i will call them back. If the text bounces as a non valid number I assume they are a telemarketer. Sometimes I will call them back and find it is my, or my wifes doctors office attempting to make an appointment :frowning:
Robots are taking over the world in unexpected ways. I expect the trucking freight company to go all bots in about 5 years.
I believe we should rise up and overthrow the bots before they take over, get them while they are still weak.


Personally I don’t see the problem in having a personal assistant, digital or not, to do stuff a personal assistant usually does.
I always hang up on robo calls because they’re stupid and can only take answers that it expects. Advanced AI with a human friendly sound like this… I would much less oppose because if you have a problem, you can indicate it and it can take action.

We’re going to have to get used to robots and AI in our lives. It’s normal evolution.
Even though it’ll be weird and initially probably annoying, our kids and definitely our grandchildren will think it’s normal and won’t see the issue.

Problems occur when these things are going to be abused, and they will… but then again, simple human beings are doing exactly the same in our day and age. What’s the difference? Laws should be in place of course, but that’s no different than having laws for people.

I’m not a believer in skynet, robots taking over the world. I look at things optimistically and I think I’d rather trust a machine than a human being. Machines aren’t deceitful (at least for now), humans are. If there’s anything you should watch out for, it’s people. Just have a look at the world today, what sorry state it’s in. That’s all to us, not machines.

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As man proceeds down the path of playing god… man will eventually be overthrown by his creations and like most gods become a myth… that some believe in and some do not believe…


Even without robots, man will be overthrown by his own creations…
That’s normal evolution. 99.9999% of all creatures that ever lived don’t exist anymore. But when we go, we’ll make damned sure that we take a whole lot of other living things with us before we go.

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The same thing with my parents and when I was growing up, it took 15 years for my mom to accept cable and cell phones, she still wont touch a smart but loves playing candy crush on my tablet. smart phones and whatnot came out way after I was already grown but there are things my kids are gonna outclass me on, probably fiber optics or virtual reality but eh.

We are still a few decades away from anything in the movies, and Skynet will not happen, I doubt it.

Generation wise, in our own history and lore, have we really been able to make anything more intelligent then we are.
The closest thing we could do is to hack our brain and have instant access to google, but with 30 days of that, we would have cured cancer, determined time travel and created an infinite loop which we would all become sentient and upgradable and then in a fart, turn into a star.

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I see no ethical problems, just one more advance in software science, bravo!
Now it we could get the government to enforce and profit from offenders/bilkers/cons ignoring “the do not call list” current law, I’d be willing to start additionally paying for that currently free US service.

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Hear hear!!

What I’d like to do (that should solve the whole thing) is turn every personal number into a “900 number”…the person who owns the number (being hassled) gets the money, can control a “no-charge list” (so friends and legit calls get through), and a screening option (so you don’t miss potentially legit calls, but still have the option to bill them if it turns out to be BS. lol)



Can’t help but chuckle, years ago when I was on one of those prepaid minute phones… y’all remember them. I had some dang magazine company calling me several times a day trying to collect for r a bill…even thou I kept telling them this isn’t her phone number please place my number on do not call…

Finally got them to stop calling when I asked for a supervisor… my response to the supervisors question “ what can I help you with”

Was yes considering I asked repeatedly to be placed on your do not call list, because I do not know this female your trying to contact… who do I need to send my phone bill to since you’ve cost me roughly $200 these past 2 weeks …

I never received another call from them…



Agreed, the slippery slope resolves into a slippery cliff.

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