Got bored and made a little something

Made a simple little atty holder from a chunk of scrap aluminum. I didn’t spend any time making it neat and pretty. Simply squared the aluminum stock on the mill, milled a pocket, rounded the corners with a ball mill then spaced out five holes.

Took an hour from start to finish, and I kind of like it. Makes me regret not doing a better job to remove tooling marks and actually make it look good lol. Oh well. I guess I can bead blast it to “pretty it up”. I will probably make a bigger one and actually thread the holes so the tanks and drippers are more secure. 20180617_144259|374x500


I was looking the whole time at that toy car, thinking to myself “I guess it would fit a Atty through that Sun roof and maybe one laying in the back” (you know you vape too long if taking that into consideration)

Then all the sudden I thought, how is that aluminum tho? And then finally noticed it Lol.

Good job though on the actual aluminum stand!


I came in from the garage and sat down next to my daughter when I took that picture. Hence why the car is there lol


Not your fault for me having a blonde moment lol


Thank you for liking my one-off project tho. Prolly gunna make another one, but better.


It’s never too early to teach that daughter how to mill some bar stock. As the Robots take over jobs it’ll be the Creators of Things earning $$. First Project? Barbie’s Dream Machine Shop :wink:

Come on? a little pink and purple plastic lathe? Adorbs…


I really do love that idea @BoDarc. Being that my mills and my lathes are manual, she would for sure learn the art of manual machining. But with her being 4 years old, I want to wait another year or so.


That is super cool bud! Love it!


@boostin53 am about to order more ego bvc bases myself as i did in this post but u could snag some and epoxy them in, i love the look and wish i could but am stuck w/wood in my hand as always…DIY: Spare Atomizer/ RDA holder


Good suggestion, but I have a M7x.5mm tap. I was gunna just tap the holes for a direct atty attachment. Will be doing that on the next one.


aye in metal u can tap, these lil bases work great for wood and the silicone ego cups, best holder for building imo as they stick to desk and dont move


Going off your idea, I might also make a base dedicated for building. As of right now, I’m doing my building in an uncomfortable manner.

Maybe use a 3x3x1 chunk of 304 stainless I have laying around and use it for a building station. Beats holding a turned off mod between my knees while on the couch :joy:


Wow… how do you even start with something like that? What kind of tools do you use?

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Machining is one of my larger hobbies, and also a side money maker. Unfortunately, I don’t worry too much about how stuff I make for myself is. And most of it is made with no plans or drawings, on the go kinds of things.

When I make things for paying customers, I then use plans if they have them, if not, I make them. I also make sure to leave the work cosmetically appealing via tool paths. I also make sure all dimensions are accurate and precise to the given tolerances. Again, not something I do for my personal things.

There are several tools required for this, which is why I have zero room for anything in my 2 car garage. Two milling machines, two lathes, horizontal band saw, several benches, granite surface plates, tool boxes, various milling attachments such as rotary tables, spin indexer, various sized mill vices, various lathe chucks and faceplates, extra tooling, MIG/TIG welding area and one little corner for ammo reloading. All that and more in a two car garage :joy: it sucks. But the wife and I are looking to move out of the city and to the country and build me a shop. Can’t wait!


I made a very similar piece out of a block of wood. But oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have access to a machine shop/mill!!
Lucky bastard! :sunglasses:


may i ask what size tap you use for 510 thread is there an actual 510 thread size or does it meen like five threads per mm or something like tht i looked and can not find the rite thread i want make a single atty holder for coiling and wicking…

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just saw post m7x.5mm tap anyone confirm this is 510 thread …

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Yes that is the correct size

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thank you …


Yes, M7x0.5mm is the tap you need for the 510. If you need a recommendation for a tap, private message me.

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