Got some flavors and curious if you guys tried em

Hi guys, I just ordered all the shit to make some juice and picked these flavors, has anyone tried any? thanks

[Blood Orange (FA)]( - [Golden Pineapple (Cap)] - [Grape Candy (Sour) (SC) (WF)]
[Mango (FA)] - [Strawberry Ripe (TPA)] - [Super Sweet (Cap)] - ([Sweet Strawberry (Cap)


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I think this selection covers ones which most of us have used in our time and I wouldn’t class any of them as duds myself.

If you are looking for tips with how much to use: searching each flavour will give you the notes made by others, the median used and any public recipes.

Here’s the page for Blood Orange (FA) as an example.

If you are looking for specifics on making your own recipes, then I suggest describing what you want to make and then many will happily give you advice on how to go about it.


Welcome to ELR @SendMePodJuiceRecipe.


Welcome @SendMePodJuiceRecipe. To answer your tour question, Yes! I, like many here have tried them all- and enjoyed them. Nice first selection. Start with 2/3 ingredients- and build from there. 1% SS at most to start.

Good luck!


OK awesome. I wasnt sure if i fucked up after looking at some recipes because i punched in all of my flavors and only like 4 recipes popped up on the site with no reviews so i was kind of bummed out and unsure if they were good picks or not. (I plan on placing another B.C.order in the future and will look into that before ordering next time lol).

Thanks for the responses and when all my stuff comes on Tuesday I was thinking of just making a simple juice for my Sonder U pod system with a mango flavoring and some super sweet mixed in.

  • Bottles - $3.39

  • 250 ML/250 mg nicotine salt - $66.81

  • pg/vg solution - 500 ML OF EACH - $20.19

  • bull city flavorings - $84.98 ---------Total - $175.37

  • Sonder U and 17 packs Sonder U Replacement pods (.7 Ohms) - $111.86

Also I am a pack a day smoker and got this stuff to try and ween down off cigarettes. My plan is to make a 15MG nic pod juice and then start cutting out some of my daily cigarettes by puffing on my Sonder U instead of smoking. I will then cut that to 10 and 5 nic down the line and see where im at.

Who do you guys order your PG and VG from btw? (i seen some on amazon for $19.90 for 500 ML of each PG and VG)


@SendMePodJuiceRecipe You’ll use WAY more Vg than PG 100%. Spend some time looking aroind the forums. There is ALOT of valuable information to be had.

I recently posted somewhere about the top 25 flavors a newbie sould buy. Get yourself 10ml of each and start there. The skys the limit brother. Just post before you purchase anything- and one of us who has wasted stupid dollars on bullshit will help guide you in the right direction. :metal:


Welcome to ELR @SendMePodJuiceRecipe, you picked far better flavours than I did on my first order :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome @SendMePodJuiceRecipe Sonder U is a nice pod device I hear. Might try it one of these days just for a different experience.

I was a hybrid user for almost a year. Once you get your right juice and device you can say goodbye to the stinkies. I wish you all the best.


I believe they are $9.99 at some places right now (looked at real quick) and after looking at best pod system reviews i settled on the Sonder U and couldnt be happier. Coming from an original Caliburn after a couple year hiatus from vaping and i was shocked at how good this Sonder vapes. Wonderful flavor, nice thick clouds and really just no complaints at all. Pod systems seemed to have come a long way imho. December 2022 | Pods Ranked | What The Heck? - YouTube

I had an RX200 and some other mods but i just got sick of tinkering with the coils and cottons and shit. I think the pod systems are the only way ill truly cut back on cigs. Just the convenience of them makes it worth paying a bit more for the pods. (ECigMafia has good ass deals on pods sometimes and a 30% off coupon stacks if you do decide you like the Sonder as a travel vape or whatever)

P.S. on day 10 of 1st pod and still got decent flavor and good clouds.


Welcome and glad you joined.


OK so after looking at some reviews apparently i should use all of these nic salts in 14 days? :flushed:

I was under the impression I could freeze or refridgerate the nic salts for atleast a couple months. When my package arrives, should i mix all of the nic salts into juices within the 2 weeks or what do you guys do? Is it ok to freeze it until i figure things out a bit more?

I had to buy only 250 ML of nic salts and the vendor said it was from Nicotine River and they only sell the monster bottles so im assuming its already been opened for ATLEAST 14 days :flushed:


U should freeze nicotine it will last ages. I would break it down . So U only taking out the bottle U using. For example 2x 100 ml . Glass is best .


thanks pal, something like this OK?

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I can’t open the link. But amber bottles are what most ppl use


@SendMePodJuiceRecipe I can see why you’d think that, the way that was written up, but NO, hehe, you CAN freeze, and use the Salts far past 14 days.

I’ve read that you bought 250ml of SALTS. The best way to use any NIC, is to minimize how MUCH of it, you are repeatedly exposing to heat, air, and light. This means that leaving ALL your NIC in the ONE bottle, would NOT be ideal. Breaking it down into smaller, glass bottles IS ideal. If you don’t use very much NIC, you could literally break it all down into 30ml bottles, but even 60ml bottles would be fine.

Break it down into as many bottles as you have handy, and leave MOST of them IN the freezer, tightly capped, undisturbed. ONE bottle, you will use as your WORKING bottle. That will be the one you take out of the freezer, use, then put back. This way only that one small bottle gets exposed, AND, you should be able to use up before any ill effects (oxidation) occur. Once empty, you move on to the NEXT bottle, etc.


Welcome to the forum! You can look up notes on each of those flavors on ELR . Also check out episodes of Noted or Noted dx, OR @SessionDrummer has many many excellent reviews on flavors right here in the forum. Remember, taste is subjective. You might want to mix up sample testers and try them for yourself, that way you can see what your tastebuds think, and what place they will take in a recipe. Happy mixing!


Hey guys, was looking over the most popular flavors and was just wondering if any of these are like must haves on my next order? I know taste is kind of subjective but im sure you guys have tried a shitload of flavorings and just curious of your input, Thanks.

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Welcome @SendMePodJuiceRecipe , I get my VG/PG from Glycerine Supplier. Link Great prices and fast delivery. BY THE WAY product is by the gallon.


Just wanted to make sure that is correct :scientist:

this is the stash now :saluting_face:


Those are not a listing of the most popular flavors. AND you should really be buying flavors based on recipes that fit your profile, on the recipe side. Plus you gotta make sure you enter your flavors properly to hopefully make more than just 4.

And if you thought you got sick of tinkering with the coils and cottons and shit, welcome to recipe tinkering.