Graham Cracker TPA help!

I ordered a Graham Cracker Clear but got the normal one which is dark as night and im not brave enough to even put a single drop into my mix.

Is there anything i can use as an alternate for Graham Cracker in my receipe and Im thinking of dumping it in the garbage since I can get a replacement for this one due to shipping cost exceeding the product cost.


Ehhh, it’s up to you @Arun TPA’s Graham Cracker Clear is somewhat clear, but the Dark is VERY dark. Do you have any other GC’s ?


If yiu ordered GCC then the company should send you the right one …I havent use TPA GC Clearbor their Normal one for awhile but the dark isnt bad its just dark if i remember right


My Graham Cracker Clear is not so “clear” but I don’t have the other to compare it to.
The difference is the “Graham Cracker Clear” does not contain Corn Syrup